Tibetan Cookery and Tradition part 1

in photography •  26 days ago

Travelling around Tibet had been an exhilarating experience. I had travelled on the roads with good friends to see some of the most beautiful landscapes and studied into Tibetan culture. Interacting with the Tibetan people was perhaps one of my greatest experiences as it gave me an authentic insight into the lifestyle and culture that I was touring. No matter how much research I had done beforehand, there was an abundance of things to discover in Tibet. The culture and tradition that is maintained throughout the various cities is amazing and in some places, it can feel like journeying back in time. Despite there being some similarities to Chinese culture, there was so much more mixed in that the Tibetan way of life holds much character.

Perhaps one of my favourite discoveries was learning about how Tibetan cookery is approach. I have travelled to various countries, picking up on culinary skills and techniques from locals. It was interesting to get to know a little more behind the exquisite Tibetan food that kept my belly fully throughout the tour. For instance. Even the cooking ware was specialised and unique.

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