The healthy tomato hotpot.

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It's been a while since I've written something about my hot pot addiction but i'm sure we can all appreciate a little bit of food porn once again. After-all, there are only a few things in life which are for certain, 1) we'll die and 2) we'll die sooner if we don't eat. That said, shouldn't he obvious thing to do be eat as well as you can, whilst you still can?

Moderation is obviously at play here and that is honestly something quite hard to discipline yourself with. Food is addictive, it releases feel good hormones and makes us want to eat more, it doesn't care if you're on a diet, in fact, it's more like the little devil teasing you to constantly have another bite and then another, until before you know it, you're too full and over eating.

Many young girls suffer from eating disorders, but it's a funny way to put it because it ought to be called "lack of eating" disorder because it usually involves girls taking on ridiculous cut backs on food to the point that they are going about their daily lives constantly fatigued and without energy. It's really not worth it.. Take it from me, I've been through the same as a young woman and now that i'm older, I realise the damage it can cause both in the short term, and the accumulated long term issues.

Here, we have a typical Tomato base soup hot pot, a flavour which is not spicy and and makes everything taste a little bit sweet. I prefer this kind of hot pot over the ultra hot chilli or sichuan styles, not because it tastes better, but because it has lower internal heat footprint. In other words, I don't have to deal with spots, or greasy skin the next day which is a common side effect of eating too much Ma la hot pot.

Red meats including beef slices and beef meat balls are the staple meats used. There is also luncheon meat, and prawns. I think it's a fantastic meal and well within "moderated" levels of food consumption. The tendency to eat meat over carbohydrates or fibre is a nutritional balance you have to be weary of. Because all of the hot pot ingredients are meat, you have to make sure to order vegetables and a bit of carbohydrates to give you some energy as well as an abundance of protein.

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I see your food, felling hungry.