Oysters and their nutritional benefits.

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Oysters oysters oysters! I don't get to eat these enough at all and that's a real shame because aside from tasting delicious, like having a gulp of the ocean (minus the salt), Oysters are high in several important minerals and protein. Not only that, they are low in calories and low in fat, 43g and 1.4g respectively, quite impressive wouldn't you say?

So what are some of the health benefits of eating oysters? We've mentioned the protein content before, and to be exact, it is about five grams of protein per serving. Carbohydrates whilst not zero are at a 2g per serving.

Oysters are also high in calcium potassium, magnesium and vit b-12. For vitality, they also contain a lot of zinc and iron.
Zinc happens to be the mineral the body needs for many kinds of biochemical processes, including the healthy function of the immune system, assisting cellular growth and cell division. This in turns promotes the healing of wounds, and even the breaking down of carbohydrates.

Of course the most well known health benefit of Oysters would be their effect as an aphrodisiac, specifically for men. The high zinc content of oysters happens to be essential for men's sexual health, testosterone levels and sperm production.

Finally, iron deficiency can mean becoming anaemic as you have trouble transporting oxygen. Eating oysters will increase your intake of iron and help you produce more hemoglobin.

With so many health benefits of oysters, why aren't you going out there and eating them sooner!?

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