Black women vs a colonial monument

in photography •  last year 

The Voortrekker monument in South Africa was built to commemorate the pioneer history of South African Afrikaners.

While for some it marks an important piece of history, for others it is a symbol of colonisation and oppression. I photographed some black women in this place that was not built for them but now sits in what is meant to be a free non-racial South Africa. Part of the country moving forward from its apartheid and colonial history will require facing spaces like these and finding our place within them.






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I really enjoy the idea of these women reclaiming this space.
I followed you, I actually lived in Durban for 4 years and am now in Europe, so your photography brings me a feeling of nostalgia!


You have my follow as well! Thanks for the support and kind words :)

WOW, that 2nd picture is national geographic quality! I'm following you to see what other awesome photography you post :)


Thanks so much!! Your shots are incredible and you have my follow as well :D