A stroll through Oberstdorf and a cable car ride to the top of the Nebelhorn [Mobile photography]

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Today I invite you to follow me on a photographic walk through Oberstdorf, a village located at the foot of the Allgäu's main ridge. The region around Oberstdorf has an incredible lot to offer for the outdoor enthusiasts, during winter as well as during summer. With more than 200 km of hiking paths every difficulty level is covered. From panoramic strolls to vertical climbing, everyone can find a fitting tour.

Also, Oberstdorf is the entry point for the route E5, the popular 6 day alpine crossing all the way to Meran. I hiked the E5 in 2010 and can highly recommend it. It was an amazing experience.

On the left the Klausen chapel, built in the late 16th century. On the right the catholic church St. Johannes, located at the village's very center.

The spa garden of the village.

To the east of the village is the valley station of the cable car that leads all the way up to Oberstdorf's landmark mountain, the Nebelhorn.

The ride leads above Oberstdorf's famous ski jumps. Every year on January 1st the Four Hills Tournament is kicked off here.

Almost there. The final ascent needs to be done by foot.

The view rewards the effort.


I hope you enjoyed the tour, thanks for watching and 'til next time!


All photos were recorded by myself with an iPhone 6S. All rights reserved.

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The pictures are absolutely great!! There is so much green in these pictures!

Did you take these photos with a smart phone? You are a VERY skilled photographer! They are amazing!

I live in Switzerland but I've never been to the German part of Alps. I also didn't expect they would be so stunning! I love hiking and this looks like a paradise to me!

The final ascent seems steep but as you said, once you're up and you look around you forget all the effort and just live for the most amazing moment!

Thank you for sharing!


Yes, these are all shot with an iPhone 6S and edited in Lightroom.

It is a great region indeed, in particular if you like mountain hiking without too much technical difficulty.

Still, the Allgäu is a tiny section compared to what Switzerland has to offer ;)

Thanks for stopping by!


Switzerland is amazing! I live close to the Rheinfall so it's still more than an hour driving to the Alps but we try to go as often as we can (when we're in Switzerland during the weekend).

I prefer easier hikes so it would be great for me.. I think I won't make it this year anymore but I'll put in on the list for next spring!

Oh, my pleasure! I'm always happy to find accounts of fellow nature lovers!

EDIT: Thank you for your support of my post!

Dear @shaka this one is another masterpiece from you. How can you take so much bright, clear and excellent photos with just a mobile phone? Your skill is amazing. However, the scenery of this place is a treat for the eyes. Nice post!


Thank you!

Hi @shaka, thank you for taking into such wonderful photo gallery, it is amazing how good quality photographs nowadays we can do with smartphones. Every time I see such great pictures, I think about the time in 80's when we had analogue cameras and bought I remember kodak films 24 or 36, we were so excited doing shots and bringing them for development but them sometimes you see such rubbish that you just want to throw the camera against the wall. I remember my parent been really mad about the money I spent buying films and seeing the results of my "photography"

I love the place, the combination of mountains and evergreen trees are always so relaxing, the fragrance of conifers improves the mood and breathing. I love high mountains, when even in summer you see covered with snow peaks and has over 25 degree at the feet of mountains.

The scenes you captured are stunning, I bet you stopped and spent few hours before leaving those meadows and hills.

The place itself look like little calm town, with beautiful architecture and I love Oberstdorf's ski jump place, it looks really different then when you see it in winter, white and with many observers.

Thank you for sharing your photographs and introducing a nice option for holiday, cheers, @Stef1


I remember the time of analogue photography very well. For a two-week vacation I usually took 4-5 rolls á 36 shots with me. The act of photographing was very different and much more conscious due to the strict limitation of the number of available shot. Personally, I think I benefitted a lot from analogue photography. To obtain decent results it was absolutely necessary to understand at least the basics of exposure, shutter speed and first and foremost motif arrangement/composition.

Thank your for bringing back these memories :)

Incredible sceneries. I would swear these photos were taken in Switzerland. I honestly had no idea places like these can be found in Germany too. Superb captures, @shaka!


That's not Germany, that's Bavaria ;-)

In den Alpen war ich leider nicht oft.
Aber da war ich als Teenager schon. Und das Highlight dieser Reiser, das mir bis heute in bester Erinnerung geblieben ist, war eine Wanderung auf das Nebelhorn. Diese hat wirklich Spaß gemacht!
Vielen Dank für diesen tolle Bilder!!!!!!!


Sehr gerne!

Wunderbarer Kontrast zu deinen letzten Reisen. Mir gefällt die Bergwelt. Leider sind diese bei uns nicht so zahlreich wie im D A CH Raum aber zumindest haben wir den höheren Berg hier in der Dom Rep als in Deutschland mit 3098 Metern.

Und mit einem Seilbahn kann ich def. auch aufwarten:



Was für eine Kulisse für eine Seilbahn, toll!

I also went to these places. Yes I believe most of you people that there are more beautiful places then this. But this place has his own beauty charm and peace ✌🏻. Very clean roads and very cold and Frisch air. One must go there if it is possible for you. I wish to see also Indo Pak kashmirs, ye offcorce Ladakh, Simla, Uti, etc then Gilgit , Skardu, citral, K2 are one of my favorite place. And sooner or later I will be there Ish. I wish to travel to baical lake in Russia, Sochi is also very beautiful, then Europe if you want to see nature then you must travel to Norway first. Then Swiss and Austria, like Borden see and Reihenfall between Swiss and Germany are also beautiful places which I visit. This week I am in Italy in the near of venedig City. I saw here many historical places but also some other like Bibione beach, Lignano Sabiadoro and Grado city’s and beaches. As will as Piancawallo is a hills station and with some lift and other snow sports activities. I recommend to see this region in Italy. Province name is FVG ( Freuli-Venezia-Julia ) and one another City the city of love the city of Romeo and Juliet’s by the name of Verona is also very beautiful and also there is a lake by the name of Garda lake is also very very beautiful and clean.

Extraordinary photography @shaka
Thank you


Thank you! Enjoy your trip through Italy!

Simply amazing, that you are privileged to admire so much beauty live, I feel melancholy to see so beautiful places that were created for our enjoyment and that the hand of man in certain occasions contribute to damage to the wise nature. All the shots well framed and detail all its beauty from the clouds to the last corner of the mountains. Hiking in these mountains should be an incredible adventure, I had no idea of the beauty of the Oberstdorf ski jumps. The cable car ride is essential to take beautiful photographs that will be in the future a faithful witness of having had this great adventure, and that I feel privileged to enjoy virtually, hand in hand. Thanks for that and for everything you share with your followers, regards @shaka

Every place in the world is as beautiful as Switzerland. The issue is that humans made one place be more desirable than others because we cut trees down, fight wars, contaminate rivers and oceans, etc. The entire world is a paradise. We surely don't deserve it.

However, the place looks like heaven on Earth... what I can't help wondering is how they manage to not over build there.. ie keep the population low.. (well it seems low) I would think every one would want to live there.. its so beautiful.

Nice shots/clickz @shaka
Love lots @pranto

Gosh! What a fabulous tour! Lovely sunny day with clear sky! The air must be very light and fresh! I could feel the breeze passing my ears.

Those far away peaks! How I envy you and your hike!
This reminds me of my long ago hike in Scotland and my tour in Switzerland. How I wish I could go back to the past!

Thanks for sharing.

Sehr schöne Bilder @shaka
Ich hab irgendwie das gefühl das iPhone 6S macht bessere Bilder als das iPhone X. Das fällt mir auch auf wenn ich durch mein Album Blättere. Die Bilder vom iPhone X sind zu stark komprimiert.

Btw. Wenn du das nächste mal nur 70km von mir entfernt bist, dann meldest du dich zwecks dem Bier/Wein. Bei dem Wetter und einer schönen Wanderung ist auch ein Radler erfrischend.
Bevor ich einen Steem-Bier/Steem-beer service erfinden muss :-D
Du weißt ja, die Blockchain vergisst nichts.


Ich habe diesbezüglich keine Testberichte gelesen es würde mich aber überraschen, wenn die Kamera des iPhone X tatsächlich weniger leistungsstark als die des Vorvorgängers 6S wäre.

Viel macht denke ich auch das manuelle editieren der Bilder aus. Da kann man schon nochmal eine Menge rausholen.

Danke für Dein Angebot, werde ich auf jeden Fall im Hinterkopf behalten :)



Naja, laut Papier soll die aus dem iPhone X auch besser sein. Das ist so meine Wahrnehmung wenn ich meine alten Bilder mit neueren Vergleiche. Die neueren haben weit schlimmere Komprimierungsarefakte.

Das stimmt, ich jage meine auch immer noch durch Photoshop.

Grüße :-)


was für eine schöne landschaft.....toll...bin hin und weg--liebe naturfotos...
ach is des schee

Also deine Fotos - vor allem die Landschaftfotos - zeigen mir doch sehr schöne Seiten von "unseren" Bergen ;-) Immerhim kann ich jetzt schon sagen, dass dort ein Urlaub sicherlich sehr schön sein kann...
Vor allem das Drittletzte hat es mir angetan - ich mag dieses frische Frün sehr!

Even I would like to visit Switzerland but its not possible to me coz I don't have that much money to travel or visit this World most beautiful country, what to do unlucky n poor people doesn't have chances to visit this world most beautiful country, but thanks to Internet n to Youtube that we can see what ever we want even if we were unable to go their, at least we can see our favourite places n country like Switzerland...!!! Well to go their for me its like a dream...!!!

However, spectacular view, nice captures once again especially, you have done it beautifully.
Have good day...

Very interesting article. I live only 3 hours away and I have never been there, what a shame! Looks like I have to go there next summer ;)

Es ist so wunderschöön dort!
Ich liebe die Berge. :)
Fantastic photography

incredible natural scenery, very perfect ancient building photography. You are a great photographer. I am amazed by your ability when shooting. thank you

Sieht ja super aus! Muss ich mir merken, wunderschöne Berge im Allgäu👌🤗

Sehr schöne Bilder. Wir waren vor kurzem auch ein paar Tage in Oberstdorf. Wunderschöne Gegend und sehr nette Leute!


Danke! Ja, es gibt dort tolle Dinge zu unternehmen. Über das touristische muss man etwas hinwegsehen, aber das gehört bei so einer aussergewöhnlichen Lage halt mit dazu.

This place is simply the heaven beautiful scenes from all over the place :D

wow sir @shaka riding on a cable car is gr8 and amazing i will ride on it

Each and every picture is stunning!

WOW. a perfect post full of extraordinary photos!
Make sure I get much pleasure from this walk. Shooting qualities, colors, composites and technique. everything is very successful. congratulations .

and good times!

I learned a lot from your post.

Great shot

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Outstanding and beautiful location. You have the best selection to choose a place. Have a nice time.

breathtaking! it's beautiful, dear 💖

vivid photography!!

Wow, absolutely amazing photograph of landscape.
I really like this picture. Beautiful view..

Your wonderful journey impressed me that you worked hard.Thank you.

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Ooo those views are amazing! I love how the clouds look in the photos!

Be like a peaceful village.

Wow, Excellent nature ... Just excellent.