The Combination of Loves of Farmers Makes the Paddy Field Ever Green.

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”বাংলার মুখ আমি দেখিয়াছি, তাই আমি পৃথিবীর রূপ খুজিঁতে যাই না আর”

A Famous poet of Bangla Named " Jibonanondo Das" wrote this line. If I try to translate this it will stand "I have seen the beauty of Bengal, so I do not go to find the beauty form of the world". The poet was so fascinated by the beauty of Bangladesh that he saw the beauty of the whole world in the beauty of this Bangladesh. But why? Let's explore the post there has some picture of paddy fields and I believe your expression will be the same as our respected country lover poet.


A long time ago I read an article was written by an Austrian traveler. In his article, he wrote that when he used to travel in any place in South Asia, he enjoyed his plane journey very much. But why? When his plane passing over south Asia he just loved to look down from his plane window.


The Green of a country made him surprised. From plane, without green, he was unable to see anything in this country. The green of that country gave him peace of mind. He enjoyed the greenery of the country through the windows of the plane until his plane crossed the country. Later he may know the name of that evergreen country and the name of that country is Bangladesh. Not only Bangladeshi but also foreigners are bound to be fascinated by the beauty of my country and an article about the beauty of my country by a foreigner really made me very proud.


Every village of Bangladesh and the agriculture of Bangladesh is the real source of Green beauty. We have more than 8 million hectors cultivated land which is about 57% of our total country land. Paddy is our most cultivated crops. More than 85% of cultivated land is used for cultivating paddy. Because rice is our main food. In a year we cultivated paddy mostly 2 times. In some areas cultivated paddy 3 times also. But in maximum village cultivated paddy two times in years. Paddy field can change the color of our country. When the paddy is growing up the whole country becomes Green and when it's time to collecting rice the whole country becomes a golden color.


When you will enjoy the green of the paddy fields standing at one end of a village, This green will make you drunk. You will fall in love with this green. No other green in the world can attract you in such away. Because hidden in this green is the self-story of the lives of millions of farmers. The story of the hard work of millions of farmers, the smiles and tears of their lives, the feeling of love, the combination of love in this evergreen paddy field.


Day by day the cost of cultivating paddy is increasing and our farmers are not getting the expected price of their cultivated paddy. So their are getting demotivated to cultivating paddy in their land. Because it's not so much profitable for them. So our government and concern authorities should take proper steps for our farmers.

Photography By: @shadonchandra

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