We are only Human

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Now and then probably all of us overthink, make mistakes, judge ourselves really hard. I know I am guilty of all of the above but what we forget is that we are only Human and this is part of who we are.
I am not saying that we can use it as an excuse for everything and use it all the time but in the end we need to understand that our flaws are part of us as Human and we only can work on trying to fix them and improve.
Don't take life too serious because I guarantee that if You do You just making Your life more difficult.

Now the question is: are You Human?

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As human as I can be!! lol Congrats on the success you are having on steemit. I have a channel too. Not much luck, but thats not what it takes for success now is it. Going to try a new better developed approach. Thank you for your shares!!


Aww2 thank you. A lot of hard work everyday for at least 1 year in here. Plus 4 more years prior trying my luck everywhere. Keep working hard and so you can do it

Or are we dancer?


We are human dancers eheheh :)

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Hey sergio :)
I am human and this since let me say around 2,5 years now. Before I was acting like a robot driven from several substances, doubts and bourgeois goals.

In a world of stress, doubts and all the global problems we loose ourselves in overthinking. I am happy I did the break 2,5 years ago and get to know myself really good.

Now I have reachable and healthy goals in my life without any stress or pressure by the society. And in my opinion this is human.

Thanks for your post and the cool rockstar-like pictures hihi



That are amazing news. Yeah nowadays as we get adults we tend to become this adults and live as the society tell us to and if we can break out of that circle it feels so good :)

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Fail fast, fail often, fail FORWARD! 😎


Yeah that is the only way to go

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You crazy beautiful person. I always enjoy your content.


Aww thank You. :) good to know that some people still keep enjoying my "rubbish" eheheh

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