Photography Series by @Sentry #2 'This Photo Almost cost me €50,000'

in photography •  6 months ago

This Photo Almost cost me €50,000

Last year after a nice vacation in the south of Spain I decided to head to Paris to get some shots using my drone of the Eiffel tower and the Arc de Triomphe ( This is before the US started making laws and fines against drone use ). I was able to get these great shots in a small time frame even with the wind not being on my side. At my hotel room later that night my curiosity got the best of me and started researching drone in Paris and to my surprise I read a few articles of how drones are becoming a problem and France is really cracking down making them illegal to fly and giving fine up to €50,000 fine along with possible jail time... I know these are some nice pictures but I don't think anyone here would pay €50,000 for these print plus the possible bail to get me out of jail :D




Equipment I Use...


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Wow, excellent photography sir.What a view! Thats why I love travelling.Thanks for sharing sir.

Geez.....don't get me wrong.....( but when i saw the number of up-vote and the whales up-voting your post my 1st thought was..) what the heck is in this small or rather short write up to get this much vote anyways? or is it bought? but when i saw those beautiful pictures up there i was blown away and couldn't help but give my own little up vote and resteem. Paris and Eiffel tower is my planned Honeymoon destination. so thanks for giving me a Lil more fore-taste.

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You know, tou can still get a fine. FAA
its on your profile and you say its tou photo from a dji mavic... to a drone pilot to drone pilot....
Be carful where you fly... Did you hear about the Vienna drone incident... no joke

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Photo shooting by drone makes such great images, but unfortunately it is also potentially very dangerous. Not long ago there was incident in Vienna, Austria involving drone and helicopter, which almost crashed because of the drone. It avoided colition in last moment.

excellent images of beautiful places and from super artistic angles ... congratulations you are a talented photographer

So beautiful picture taken. nice job is done, man.

Wow beautiful picture!

Nice pics, if they get your drone just leave it and run.

Beautiful photos, quadrocopter gives you the opportunity to look at the world from above)) by the way, the photo of the arc de Triomphe and the surrounding streets is much better due to the fact that a significant perspective

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