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His name is Garbera, the beautiful one from South Africa.

In South Africa, Garbera grew very well and got a special place in the hearts of its lovers.

Garbera's beauty makes people in South Africa even in the world feel very happy to have it.

Here are some that I downloaded on GOOGLE and PINTEREST to be shown to all friends in order to improve a beautiful and peaceful mood.








All images are not my personal collection.

Love Peace,

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Very Beuatiful photography @seha76. You are the lucky person can get all colour of this flower. Thanks for bring it to this steemit world and we can enjoy it. God bless you


Not all colors, that's just a few. Thank you, my dear friend, for visiting. Regards!


Yups, not all colours but i think this like same flowers for me. Hehe. If you dont mind, for a while please see my post and give a correction my friend.🙏🙏

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Very beautiful photograpy ..wounderful..pls upvote to upvote and follow back ..