Flower that has beautiful color!

in #photography7 months ago

This flower grows on the side of the road to decorate the road with contrasting colors. It interests me to capture it as a picture. The color is orange similar to the color gold. Even people call it a golden flower because of its color. Although the color is similar to the color of gold, but this flower is not a fragrant flower, but the aroma is really not pleasant to smell especially when we are wringing leaves and flowers, the aroma is really disturbing. Hueeekkk !!!!
There are indeed various types of flowers in this world. There are flowers that have beautiful shapes and colors and have a very aromatic scent, which is clearly pleasing and proud. But there are also flowers that have shapes and colors that are not attractive, but have a very interesting aroma, and various other things. But, not with this golden flower, I think! This flower only has a beautiful color, but the smell is very pungent and annoying, in my opinion. But the properties for health, this flower is truly extraordinary.



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