Tonight's Sunset Above Downtown Truckee, California

in photography •  15 days ago 

WooHoo! It was a nice one! After dinner, I quickly grabbed my camera gear and headed to a great spot I go to often when I don't have a lot of time to hike to a location or drive far. This is about 10 minutes from my house, looking at Historic Downtown Truckee, California.


Shot with a Canon 5DS R and a Canon 16-35mm lens. Two graduated neutral density filters and a polarizer were used on the front of the lens. ISO 50, aperture of f22, and it was a 15-second exposure. Super happy with this one and I'm glad I rushed out after dinner.

Thanks for looking!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography


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WOW what a spectacular sunset glorious

It was indeed! We've been getting a lot of good ones lately. Cheers!

I have been more catching sunsets this summer, I don't think I have taken one sunset shot this summer, just haven't had the time in the evenings,
but I look forward to seeing more lovely sunsets from you

Well that gives me a reason to get out for more sunset shoots! lol.
I hope you get to capture some good ones soon... It's always kind of a meditation moment for me, good for the soul.

LOL I can't complain on weekends or days I telecommute I get out to catch the sunrise by the beaches here a perfect start tot he day for me and if the weather is kind I have four days of sunrises to catch :)

You got a good one!

Indeed! It was incredible out. And glad I went out as it was a last minute decision to go.

wow! great pic

Thank you! It's hard to take a bad one when Mother Nature sets up the scene like that. Cheers!

You didn't waste your time - this deep hanging, fat and colorful cloud looks great, also the light trail of the cars.
This shot deserves a !BEER

Nope, I was happy I took the time to get out of the house yesterday for sure. The clouds were amazing. Cheers!

My pleasure, you're very welcome 😊

Incredible shot Scott!

Thanks Casey! It was one of those special sunsets I was stoked to capture.


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Yup, that's pretty much what I was saying while looking at it. Cheers!

what a vibrant sunset.. nice work
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Woohoo! Thank you! It was incredibly vibrant for sure.

Oh damn... You seriously got lucky with that sunset!

I did indeed! It was actually another good one tonight but I was out without my camera...