Sculpin Sunday - Silver Spotted Sculpin

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In my continuing series on the little fishes of the Pacific Northwest today's sculpin is the Silver Spotted Sculpin.

Silver Spotted Sculpin-5.jpg

Blepsias cirrhosus, is a medium sized sculpin growing up to about 20cm (8 inches) in length. These fish similar to most sculpins are ambush predators and will feed on anything that swims by that is the right size.

Silver Spotted Sculpin are very unique in their colouration and makings. They tend to be light olive brown, green or coppery yellow in colour. Additionally they have reflective silver spots located behind the pectoral fins. The other prominent feature are their cirri or whiskers on the nose and bottom jaw.

Silver Spotted Sculpin-2.jpg

Silver Spotted Sculpin-4.jpg

These fish trend to be found in shallow grassy beds as juveniles and then head into deeper water as they age. Photographing these fish is a delight because they tend to pose for the camera once they are found. Diving is shallow waters can pose a unique set of challenges so please plan your dives and dive your plane. Be wary of changing conditions and weather.

Silver Spotted Sculpin-3.jpg

Thanks for reading and until next Sunday happy snapping sculpins.


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nice clicks.

Wow this is awesome and amazing, pictures the best lecture I ever received about fish and it's length 20cm (8 inches) in length. I really need to lean more and know where I can See this fish in real life. Thanks

Cute fish
Great capture sir

Do you have an underwater camera? These are very cool photos.