On this last Day

in photography •  23 days ago

Do I look back and reminisce or pontificate on the future?

Grizzy Bear Prints-1.jpg

My first words will be thank you, to all of you in this great community. As a platform, Steemit has had its ups and downs this year as most of the world has had as well. I decided to stick it out, to not worry about all the dialog and negativity surrounding Steemit. The changes that could, would and should make it better may or may not come, but that is out of my control. For me this place, this community is somewhere I go to be challenged, to see what other creatives are doing and try and grow both personally and professionally. Has it worked, in a word, yes.

I would like to call out a few of the very inspirational creatives I have been able to follow and help me along the way. @daveks, @liquidtravel, @axeman, @kalemandra, @bluebottlefilms, @boyerobert, @claudiaz, @juliank, @keithboone

This is by no means an exhaustive list, I've had so many positive interactions with so many people.

Being able to be a part of the photo contests has driven me in ways I never thought imagined. Each day trying to come up with something to post, something that I feel is of value and worth while for others to read is a great challenge.

I truly do hope that Steemit sticks around and grows for many years into the future.

Once again, thank you and of course Happy New Year everyone!



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Happy New Year, Scott! Best wishes for 2019, my friend!


Thanks so much Keith, all the best to you as well.