A way to the jungle

in #photography3 years ago

Few days back I visited this forest.It is not a dense Forest.But any jungle safari is adventurous.

Forrest is a place where you can breathe without anxiety of air polution.Cause Forest is the place which is fully dominated by trees.
In India if you visit a forest after a prolonged rainy season then you can see it's beauty.You can find greenery everywhere.

We visited that forest and enjoyed the environment.The greenery of the forest is really pleasure to watch.I am sharing some snaps with you,hope you will like those.

And this is the way to the jungle.


Suddenly we found a lake inside.Don't know how it is created.But the lake was there and it was full of water.


Mysterious environment inside the jungle


And the beautiful view of this forest from top.


Thanks for watching.
And thanks in advance for upvoting, resteeming and following me....:P


Wow really awesome! keep exploring :)

Thank you mate...sure will be exploring more...:)
You also do the same...:)

Very awesome place ! You are surely a lucky man !

Thank you sir....yes I was ....cause whatever weather I wanted ,I got....

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