From the Archives: San Francisco, CA.

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I’ve decided not to use SteepShot anymore as they take 10% of your earnings I’ve learned and not sure what they do to deserve that amount.

I’m also not a big fan of Dtube as it’s glitchy. I’ll give that a try again down the line.



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Awesome View !!
I Don't aspect this But IT's Awesome !!

splendid view!I guess I already saw this bridge in a certain movie a long time ago...

I'll follow your lead. Was getting annoyed that their service didn't always upload pictures anyway. And the 10% isn't worth it.
Re your photo... I can and will never get enough of pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. Thank you! Nice red glow!

the sweet San Francisco wonderful bridge
lovely shot

How I crave for a long walk now. 😃😃

I really like this picture but it is confusing me. There is shadow beneath the bridge as if it has been taken in daylight but the headlights suggest it has been taken at night. Art should generate questions which this picture certainly does!

It's the moonlight causing the shadow.

I dropped out of steepshot for that reason too. But I guess you have to pay for development somehow. Lovely shot btw. That walk across the bridge and then up to the hill is epic. The wind was crazy the day I was there. Almost blew me off the top.

It's terrible they don't really tell you that up front. Thanks for the kind words and comments. The wind can be gnarly up there.

Great shot, have not been back to San Francisco in a decade. Want to visit for a holiday so badly!

It is an awesome photo! what vibrant colors, I hope someday to know this city, it looks awesome! excellent shot!.

Yeah, I agree with you about Steepshot.

Love it. My hometown!

Thank you very much for the information

Picture is beautiful :)

Good contribution friend you are very right and your picture is beautiful .. greetings ..

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faill in love each time when ever i see the bridge loved it

Hey @sammyb, why are you allowing minnowpond to take funds from users, and not resteeming their posts anymore? How about a refund for @purepinay who on two separate occasions sent 1 SBD, and didn't get the service you offered.

I have nothing to do with @Minnowpond. What do you mean why am I allowing them? It isn't my service and the service actually owed me money!

Sorry, for some reason I thought you ran the program. My apologies.

California is such an interesting place, awesome place, never knew a state could have so much beauty.

You may want to look at my recent blog post on California.

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