OriginalPhotos: The reconciliation

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They fight...


Now it seems they talk....


Then they reflect...They understand that both are winners and hug each other! how good!


Hehehe it is only a competition of taekwondo , the coach is the man who has a red shirt, he is Julian Alberto Rojas Rivera who reached seventh place in the men's heavyweight category at the 2004 Summer Olympics. At that time he was a pride for our village. He currently has his own taekwondo academy and these boys are his students during a competition in public space.

IMG_3345_phixr (1)-2.jpg

Photography y text by @samic
Camera Canon Power Shot SX 400 ISS
Location: Florencia Caquetá

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@ samic.sports Hello dear friend. Those are the things that I like about sports, especially those that are in contact, while they are competing, they are worth everything and they give blows everywhere, however, at the end they are covered as good friends.
Excellent shots.
I wish you a happy rest

That's right, happy night jlufer

  ·  15 days ago (edited)

taekwondo is really game. Congratulations on getting this kind of player in your hometown. its great photography and good article .
Thanks @samic.sports
Have a nice day.

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thank you
happy day

Hola @samic. En general todas las artes marciales forjan el carácter de quien lo practica. Siempre me llamo la atención pero nunca lo hice. Pero si practico yoga y esta también forja el carácter.

Muy lindas fotos que reflejan el espíritu de este gran deporte.
Estas son las cosas que me gustan de estos deportes sin gran difusión en los multimedios.
Requiere de una gran esfuerzo, conducta y disciplina.
Creo que en los Juegos Panamericanos que se están celebrando en Lima hay taekwondo, y comienza en unos días.

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thank you @crossbar