Jungle Daily - The Elusive Blue Morpho Butterfly

in photography •  3 months ago

Early mornings in Costa Rica

always start with the appearance of stunningly beautiful Blue Morpho butterflies. They are large and a very bright blue colour on the top side of their wings. They fly through the garden to and from the river but never stop to land on flowers so the chance of getting photos is rare.
Today however was amazingly different. From my balcony I saw one circling around the banana palm as if drawn by something in particular.


I grabbed my camera, snapped a few shots of it from above as it circled the banana palm and rushed down to the garden to hopefully get a closer shot. As I got closer to the tree I could see the Morpho had alighted on a ripe split banana and was feasting on the ripe fruit. It was so engrossed on feeding it allowed me to get right up close to it and did not fly away. With its wings closed I could see very little of its striking blue colour but for a few places where its wings were actually torn and damaged where the beautiful blue was exposed to view.



It was a wonderful few moments in such close proximity with my Blue Morpho but no sooner had I got my few shots up close than heavy rain started to fall and I had to run for cover. My camera is already showing signs of wear through this harsh jungle environment and I couldn’t risk it getting seriously wet!


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Wow! I've only seen them on display, but I know them well... as far as dead insects on display go. Very, very, very cool!


Thank you @papa-pepper I Need to capture them on video to show off their vibrancy to the max. ❤️🌈🦋💛🌴

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Nice photography. You captured fabulous picture.


Thank you very much 🌴🌈🦋💛

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Amazing photography...😍


Thank you very much 🌴💛🦋🌈❤️

Never seen such strange colour butterfly!
The blue stripe looks very cool, the blue colour on the other side is very special blue hue.


Thanks for your comment, they are damaged wings with pieces actually missing which is why the blue shows through like that. 🌴💛🦋🌈

Well done on seizing the opportunity and getting some photos of the butterfly whilst it was eating some banana! Shame about its torn wing, poor thing!


Thanks @gardeningchef. One sees a lot of damaged butterflies sadly . I think they get grabbed by predators and damage occurs as they escape. 🌈🌴🦋💛

El dulce del plátano ayudó para que pudieses tomar la foto, un buen momento para ella y para ti japonais14.gif


Gracias amiga - ¡si es a verdad! 🌈❤️🦋🌴💛

I can imagine that feeling coursing through the veins in that ripple in time as it sit there licking the nanner with its proboscis.. was it flapping at all whilst perched? I can make out the striking blue in the third photo as it drifts away.. what marvel.

I have some moments like that here in Southeast PA with the Monarchs that I have seen fluttering around this Summer.. and some other uniquely patterned butterflies but I am not an expert at this stuff.. just beautiful insects at that stage in their lives..

In their larval stage though.... most destructive herbivores!


Good to read your comment - actually not flapping open wings while drinking - most frustrating as I so wanted a close up of its phenomenal blue colour- another day maybe I will get luckier... they do love bananas and have an amazing sense of smell so fingers crossed, they will be back for another session for me to capture a take off or landing with open wings