We have as much pie in life He feels sad as well.

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That is why in the midst of our limitless demand
It seems small to get.
Compare what we get to others.
Thinking about this, I think how much better I am.
If someone sees someone wearing expensive clothes, he is happy.
If someone sees someone eating rich food, then he is happy.
Someone else looks at expensive car, house, but he is happy.
But one does not try to go deeper into the heart of a person, how happy or sad he is.
The man who saw a man riding in expensive car might have probably just been quarreling with his wife because of a bridal dispute.

The lady who saw a woman sitting in front of a rich food could be seen as a divorced woman who lost her husband.

The child who is seeing the costume may wear a poor child.
Maybe it is possible.
But why is the beauty of the glamor of others we see?
We forget that glossy life does not hide the happiness of people in seven colors.
Happiness is hidden in the human heart.
Which can survive till the death of the survivor ...

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