One photo each day.with black and white effect.

in photography •  8 months ago

After be steemians I observed that many people posted photo by a role.Whole of them a rule I have liked.
And this is about photography. Each day one photo with blue and white effect and also added orginal photo.Just single

photo.So this is my 1sst experiment about it.![IMG_20180304_152850.jpg]

() This place from

a sea, I was visited by lunch, it was very good experience and I enjoy this place very much. I did some photography in

here.I become very pleasure to capture those bird.I hope this is really good one.About 3 hours I passed in here and enjoy

many things, many event.
Let's seen original photo![28238731_1584545558280639_206969197357620785_o.jpg]


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Thanks for sharing these outstanding pictures. I like it..

Very good photography. You captured the birds, and have a beautiful backdrop with the ship! Very nice. Hope to see more photography.


You sound SO sincere, @r2cornell! :) Fancy helping me with a troll your company delegates SP to? He wrote this antisemitism filled garbage if you haven't heard: