I love Daniel and Harvey so much

in photography •  last year


I want to thank @luvbnamome for taking this money shot this morning, while I was deep undercover.


I’m @runridefly, and I prefer to sleep in a cocoon.

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Boys are like angels :)

Where are you? I think that I can see a tiny part of you on the second photo.

20 boxes of cereal isn't enough. LOL

So peaceful, so lovely to watch them sleep without worrying about the problems of the World!

All is well with the world.

Isn't being a dad the most incredible experience, ever? I thought I was such a hardass with no emotions...The my kiddos came along and totally destroyed that line of thinking. I never thought that I could love someone to this extent.

Joys of parenthood. Lovely kids.

its a joy to see them :)