📷 Photochain Photography Contest 📷 Week #4 Winners of MOTHER NATURE + New weekly theme + RewardBot finally live + Instagram community

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Hey #photochaincommunity! My apologies for the delay; I was waiting for the Photochain team to figure out how they want to carry on with the contest. The decision fell not to promote so heavily for the next couple of weeks and see how the contest grows organically. The community reward bot @photochainreward is finally live and has processed all entries from last week and will continue leaving comments on your entries, notifying you of your current level and keeping track of how many Photons you shall receive just for contributing. With each level up you will receive more Photons per entry starting at 10 and up to 100 at lvl 10.

Furthermore I'm happy to announce that we're building up our Photochain Instagram Community now and we would love you to get involved with it as well. So please follow us on Instagram and thank you for your great ongoing support! Winners of the contest on Steemit will be promoted on Instagram aswell. If you won, but would not like to get promoted on Instagram, please leave a comment down below or contact me on discord.

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the third Photochain Photography Contest and welcome to the forth week. Thank you all for taking the time to go out to capture some amazing moments, especially those who put in extra effort to find the perfect picture according to the weekly theme. Those I enjoyed the most as they showed me your unique perspective and creative power.

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions. You made it really hard to decide who should win. If you see your entry in the post I hope you have a ERC20 compatible wallet, if not, set it up (watch the tutorial under how to enter) and contact me on discord with your wallet address.

Some of you didn't add a watermark to your images or forgot to add a tag and those culdn't be taken in consideration as they were not following all the rules. So please, read carefully how to enter and rules before posting an entry.

What's Photochain?

In short, it's a marketplace for stock photography that will, by using the power of blockchain technology allow photographers to earn 95% of the revenue generated by their work while still offering a cheaper price for the buyers. Its current counterparts take up to 75% of the profits and tackle its users with entry barriers and inequality. Like many others in the blockchain space, Photochain aims to change that by shifting the power from the greedy corporations and giving it back to the driving force behind their success; their users. Sounds too good to be true? It's not. That's the beauty of cutting down costs through decentralization and a community based governance.

Find out more about the DApp in the article I wrote about it but if you really want to go in detail I suggest you read the whitepaper.

Have any questions?

Join the official Discord channel: https://discord.gg/prwPd2F
For Photochain related questions contact Warrior-Sage#1056
If you have any contest related questions you can always talk to me runicar#1726 or join #photography under Steemit-Contest

Photochain Photography Contest

Is on a talent hunt, searching for Steemit's best photographers while giving everyone a chance to earn. You don't need to be a professional photographer but some level of quality must be visible in your work as each and every contribution will be rewarded with Photochain's tokens: Photons (1PHT = 0.12 USD). That's what @photochainreward is doing. The bot will comment on every post in the #photochaincommunity tag and after manual screening of the posts, searching for possible abusers, it will distribute Photons to our community members Ethereum wallets.

Each week you will have a theme that should be present in your pictures. This is optional as I know that some of you might not have the resources/inspiration/opportunity to follow the given theme for the week. Why would I follow it then? Because first place is reserved for entries that follow the weekly theme. Second, third and honorable mentions don't need to go along the theme to win but it's an advantage if they do.


First place

by @boddhisattva - Photochain Photography Contest - The thunderbolt

Second place

by @jfolkmann - Larch Valley hike - my 3rd entry for the Photochain Photography Contest

Third place

by @arun5866 - Photochain Photography Contest - Mother Nature

Honorable mentions

Click on the image to view the full post

by @josepiccolo
by @intrepidphotos
by @jpphotography
druga baka.jpg
by @jumartphoto

How to enter

  • Either with a dedicated post titled Photochain Photography Contest or with any other post containing your images that you are proud of

  • Add #ppc and #photochaincommunity tags

  • Include the Photochain logo or watermark somewhere in your images.

How To Add Watermarks in Lightroom

NOTE: As Photons are ERC20 tokens, you will need an ERC20 compatible wallet to collect the rewards. My suggestion is Metamask as it's simple and easy to use. If you have any troubles setting it up watch this short tutorial.

Weekly theme


Just like always, you have the full creative freedom :) to present this theme in whatever way you feel is the best. We all know what freedom is and what it reperesents, but each and every one of us can interpret it in his own way. So do your best to present in an image what freedom means to you, how it makes you feel and how does it look. What is freedom to you? Show me.


  • Only use your own images
  • Take in consideration that the pictures must be of certain quality. Not just by resolution, as composition, color palette, style and overall feel of the image will be taken in consideration
  • Add #photochaincommunity tag if you want to be targeted by the bot and receive Photons for each entry and #ppc so that I can find your posts
  • All entries must contain the Photochain logo or watermark somewhere in the images
  • Unlimited number of entries (except when you reach lvl 10 in the bot leveling system that yields 100 Photons per entry, then there is a cap at 3 entries per day)
  • Members of the #photochaincommunity should strive to engage and interact with each other as much as possible (this will help build the community aspect of the contest and will allow you to unlock the multiplier to earn more Photons per each entry)

To get a feel of the quality I'm hoping you can achieve check out some of the images featured in the demo.photochain.io


#1st place - 500$
#2nd place- 250$
#3rd place - 100$
4x honorable mention - 20$
Monthly superstar - 2500$

All prizes will be paid out in Photochain's tokens Photons that can later on be used to buy art within the DApp or sell for cash when the token is made exchangable. Tokens will be sent after the tokens are minted at the end of the ICO.

Voting process

  • Each community member that has made at least one entry that week can cast one vote for who he/she thinks should win. To vote just place a comment in this form: "My entry for this week's contest is link to your entry and I vote for link to the entry you vote for"

  • One winner will be chosen by the community and the rest by myself and the Photochain team. Winners and the new contest theme will be announced a day after this post pays out.

I'm really excited to build this community and to see how it grows. Wish everyone best of luck and happy snapping!

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Congratulations to all the winners all amazing images

Awesome photos, congratulations to the winners and thanks for the honourable mention!
I forgot to vote for an entry, but I will do so this week. When I'm done with my exams at university I will have more time again and will resume posting one entry per day. Btw, is there a special tag for photochain at Instagram as well?


Np and congratz once again. Do what you have to do and come when you have some extra time :) No tags are needed for Instagram.


I reworked my workflow of my daily photo post a bit, so now I can post at least one photo per day with the photochain logo without having to export two different watermarked versions in Lightroom.

On today's post, I did not receive a comment by the bot, even though the post is tagged with both #photochaincommunity and #ppc. I also tried updating the post a few times. Could you have a look please?


Sorry but somehow I didn't notice this comment until now. Checked them out, the watermark barely visible but it's there :) If you could make it a bit more visible or put it in places where I'll notice it before, it was really hard to find it on some images.

Also which post was it that the bot missed?


For the daily continents photo, I don't add the watermark in Lightroom but use a watermarking script that puts the watermark in the bottom right corner. I was using the original version of the logo that you posted in the first contest without adding any transparency, but I agree, on some photos it is barely visible.. I will replace the watermark with the new file.

Almost all of my recent photos were not targeted by the bot:

Also, some of my older photos did not received a comment when the bot launched and went through old posts:

Thanks for having a look!

Congrats, everyone! Awesome imagery, well done!

Thank you so much for selecting my post. congrats to the winners and the Honorable Mentions. Thanks, @runicar for the contest


You can thank the community as they voted you up :) but it was a great picture anyway. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the contest.


Of course, they made my day. Thank you so much to the each and every person who voted for me.
will reach you guys shortly with this week's entry :)

Congrats to all winners.

Here is my 1st Entry for the new Theme Freedom.



My entry for this week's contest [Freedom] is linked here

Freedom is walking alone in a road without fear.



Love the blurriness around the image and the sharp focus on the road and the leaves. Also that thought describes it so well.


that's exactly right! 👍


thanks that you like my theme line :)

Wow! This is very unexpected!

Thank you for choosing my work. I am very pleased! I congratulate the other winners and thank the organizers for the new contest.

Also thank you all for congratulations!

Good luck to this project! 8)


Hey @boddhisattva thanksfor contributing such a great snap to the contest and congratz once again on the 1st place! Well deserved.

Thanks for the good wishes :) Best of luck to you in the contest and on Steemit in general.

Hi all!

Here's my entry for this week

There are still so few shots in this week's contest. I'm waiting to see more so I can vote for


hey @arseniuk

Great entry and a very creative way to show the theme.


Thnks @runicar
I always associated birds with freedom. I think it's kind of stereotype, but I like it anyway 😊.

Great selection, @runicar. Congrats to the winners!


Thanks @nolasco



My entry for this week

Hold her close but, let her fly free

The freedom we are looking for is the freedom to be ourselves and to express ourselves. So our women expect the same. Love should not claim possession but should give freedom.
Hold her close but, let her fly free

My entry for this week's contest is:

Flamingos at Laguna Kara, Bolivia: Free like a Bird

The "volcano flamingos" enjoy the rough conditions of the Bolivian Altiplano that keep them safe from predators. Hundreds of them were gathering at Laguna Kara in front of the snow peaked Andean volcanoes. The photochain logo is on the bottom right, it's a bit hard to spot with the blue background ;)

1/800s; 135mm; f/10.0; ISO 100

And I vote for link to the entry by @betterthanhome :)

stunning photos . congratulation to all the winners.

muy lindas las fotografías de los ganadores
esta es mi primera participación
mucha suerte para todos
A DSC_0578.JPG



wow, fantastic capture!

Grandiosos trabajos impecables y muy profesionales felicidades a los afortunados ganadores y agradecimientos a runicar por tanta laboriosa dedicacion. Parami es un gusto unirme a este concurso aqui les dejo mi entrada https://steemit.com/ppc/@godzu/photochain-photography-contest-freedom-energy

very very nice photos, you all deserve to win
congrats to all the winners, am hoping this week favours me too

Wow! nice clicks, though the first looks like graphical , but nice. The voted the 3rd one and it is selected :) Congratulations to all winners.


Glad yo enjoyed them! Yep, the third one is picked by the community as always. I would just like more people to actually vote because last time only a few did.

@runicar just joined steemit. Loving the content being posted on your page! x

Awesome photos! Congrats to the winners ^^

Amazing photos. Congrats to all the winners 😃

I am new to this contest, here is my first entry ever

As you can read in my post, the released drop of water must have a great experience of freedom after being under maximum pressure in the pipe.
Not completely sure how voting for other entries is done.

The ultime freedom :-) when you see the full image you nearly feel the wind through your wings. find my entree here ; https://busy.org/@janine-ariane/photochain-freedom

And my publique vote goed to @ijmmai with his waterdrop. I can totaly understand the freedom in his words, the freedom to fall or hang there :-)

My 2nd entry for this week's contest [Freedom] is linked here

Freedom to live safe with your giant kind