Legacy: 004 / SPIEZ

in photography •  5 months ago


004 / S P I E Z .

by Ruben Cress

© 2018

A B O U T   L E G A C Y

S u m m a r y

Legacy is a fine-art photography series created by freelance photographer Ruben Cress. The series consist out of portraits, self-portraits, travel photography and every-day occasions. The idea of Legacy is to craft a book full of fine art photography that contain memories, stories and magnificent locations. Every photograph will tell you a different story, with sometimes short personal short stories added to it. Legacy will take you on a journey where you can see what life is all about through the eyes of a photographer.

004 / S P I E Z .

One of the many magnificent places during a roadtrip with a friend of mine. This particular shot was taken in Switzerland, in the area near Aeschi bei Spiez.

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Nice landscape capture. Best light.
You can Upvote my images also.