Two Photographs of very rare creature Gharial

in photography •  3 years ago 

Two Photographs of very rare creature Gharial

enter image description here

enter image description here

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Beautiful photos my great friend @royalmacro.
Excellent catch, congratulations

thanks @jlufer :D

They are cute!!!! Are they still predators? Dangerous? They look tasty----and cuddly even - in a weird way. I want one or five for my unwanted visitor trap door!!! :D XOXOXO Where did you find them?

they are predators, but not dangerous to humans. they eat only fishes. I took this snaps from Alipore Zoological Gardens.

Excellent! I see the fence back there. It makes sense that they would eat fish-their snouts are perfect for catching fishes!! :D

Where have you taken them, by curiosity?

I took this snaps from Alipore Zoological Gardens.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Oooh not too close to get there from here :( My big son would have loved to...

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Bizzare looking things. Dangerous obviously.

not dangerous to humans. they only eat fish ..