Stereogram Contest [Winner will be rewarded 50% revenue of this post]

in #photography5 years ago

what do you see in this stereogram ?

Write down in the comment box.  The first one who recognize correctly will win the 50% of revenue of this post.

For example , if I get $10 from votes on this post, then I'll award $5 to the winner.


Omg, I am scratching my head trying to figure out if it's an indian on a horse (which is rearing up).

After 24 hours I'll publish result. If your answer is correct then you must be awarded :D

I love these types of pictures. I can usually pick things out quickly.

At first I saw a frog :P But ya I think you are right!

pixiehunter is right :D

I got only 0.039 SD and 0.035 STEEM POWER for this post....... So, I sent pixiehunter 0.02 SBD

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