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Summary: This post contains a photo essay from the September 14 half time show performed by the Rustin Golden Knight's Marching Band at Kennett High School, in Chester County, PA.


Original photo taken with LG-G4 cell phone

As is becoming customary, we already covered the home team's pregame show in an earlier post. The half time show marked Rustin's debut of the mountain scene on the decorative props in the front of the field. Week by week, the show is becoming more complete and seems more familiar to the performers.

All posts from the Kennett vs. Rustin Game are here:

The remainder of this post will contain a photo essay from Rustin Marching Band's half time performance. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are original photography captured with an LG-G4 cell phone.

Golden Knights Half Time Show

This week debuted the mountain scene in front of the field

The band takes the field

The show opens with a bassoon solo and choreographed dance

Pit, flute, sax, and tuba

Flags in motion

Brass and Winds

Bonus section

Fortunately, we have some parents who are much better with a camera than I. Here are some photos of the night from the band boosters Facebook Page.



It was a nice opportunity for the band to play at half time as the visiting team, since there is typically a much larger audience at half time. At this point in the season, although they're still adding to it, the show is beginning to take on a more familiar and rehearsed look. Nicely done band!

As we noted earlier, the Rustin football team had a good night, too. They improved their record to 2-1 by winning this one 28-7 over Kennett.

Check back in the future for photos from the stands during the Kennett game and additional photos from games against Penn Wood and Coatesville.

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