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Here are some photos and notes from the marching band outing to the West Chester Rustin Golden Knights vs. the West Chester Henderson Warriors football game at West Chester Henderson High School on August 30, 2018.

This was my 3rd straight year at the Rustin/Henderson game, and it seems that we can always count on beautiful sunsets.

(Original photo, LG-G4 camera w/ 1000 ISO and 1/2000 shutter speed.)


Last Thursday, the band went to the football team's first regular season game at West Chester Henderson High School. As you may know, there are three high schools in the West Chester Area School District: Rustin, Henderson, and East. You can probably imagine that fan turnout is always good when these three teams see each other.

On Thursday, Rustin's band took the field at 6:35 for our performance, then the game started at 7:00, and Henderson's band took the field at half time. Anyone who's been in a high school band will recall that the band also plays from the stands throughout the game. I took tons of photos, so I'll probably separate them out into three posts. In this post, I'll share some photos from the Rustin Band performance. In another post, I'll share some photos from the stands. Then, finally I'll share some photos of the Henderson band performance. It's still hot this time of year, so the tradition is that the band doesn't dress in uniform for the first game. You'll see in a future post that Henderson's band wasn't so lucky!

As you have probably noticed already, I'm not a great photographer, so it will be awesome if some other band families start sending me photos and stories as the season moves along!

Rustin Band Takes the Field

All original photos taken with LG-G4 camera, unless otherwise noted.

Getting into formation while staff and parent volunteer equipment movers leave the field


Two unique aspects of this year's show: A bassoon is included, and the percussion pit is on the field


Playing while moving (quickly!) and the potential for collision both add challenging dimensions to musical performance!


And they're also much easier to photograph when they line up and stand still for a moment!


I was happy to get a couple nice shots of the flags in motion, though.

(open image in new tab for better view)

And now the band is on the move again, too.

Seems like they squeezed almost the entire band into about 4 square feet for this one!

But here's a wider perspective

That's a wrap

Drum major stepping down. Time to leave the field.

Percussion and bassoon close-ups, bonus pics from the Band Booster's Facebook Group - (Photo Source)

(Now that's what photography is supposed to look like!)


That's probably enough for a single post from the Rustin band's show. Check back later for photos from the stands and the Henderson band. Maybe I'll start putting up some photos up through, too.

Thank you for taking the time to view this post!

As you know, this account's goal is to raise enough funds to reimburse the band boosters for a student's trip to play in the Citrus Parade and Disney. To help us meet that goal, please upvote and resteem this post on the Steem block chain and share it on social media. There are also a couple other ways to support the band:

If you're near South-Eastern PA:

  • Football Schedule - Come out to our home games and support the band by buying the great food, drinks and snacks from the concession stand!
  • Knights Out At Whelihan's. Eat at PJ Whelihan's in West Chester between 5pm and 9pm on September 12, and a portion of your check goes to the band. Who knows, maybe you can even take a picture with a server! (Is that a steemit T-Shirt that I see?)

Parents, Staff and Band Members

  • Send me (@remlaps) pictures, blog posts, anything else of interest to the community that can be posted here. This is a different kind of social media where content has value. If you send it to me, I'll post it, and together we can try to fund a student's trip to Florida. I can't do it alone, but together, maybe we can!
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Oh, and in case you're interested in football, the final game score was Rustin 48, Henderson 0. Nicely played, team!

The final score on the board.


The @rgkmb-unofficial account is an experimental account that is operated by Steve Palmer (@remlaps). The account's purpose is to demonstrate the viability of a fund-raising model that is based on use of the Steem block chain in the community. The account's goal for 2018 is to raise enough money to send one student on the Rustin Golden Knight Marching Band's trip from Pennsylvania to Florida in December for performances in the Citrus Parade and in Disney. For more information, see our introductory post: Introducing Steem to the Rustin Golden Knights Marching Band

Thank you for your time and attention.

Posted by Steve Palmer (@remlaps)

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