Black & White Portraits of my brother

in #photography2 years ago

Were all familiar with the struggle and the necessity of liberation. Some of us have taken to the streets, some of us have taken to the blue and white collar jobs, while some of us have set out our own paths to make life better for humanity.
That is the case of my good friend Ubong Johnson, his ambition to help people has taken him to many places and met many faces. A well mannered brother and easy going.These shots are from a time out we had with his NGO in lagos State.

Camera - NikonD5200
Lens - 35 - 50mm Nikkor
Manual Mode forever

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ubong bw.jpg 2.jpg


ubong bw.jpg 3.jpg


These are some stunning shots!

thanks a lot ^_^

Arigato Gozaimasu

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