[Purple Invasion] Haiku Saturday and Macro Photography

in photography •  9 months ago

Purple Invasion

IMG_5657 (2).jpg

many-eyed, bearded, purple
people greeters


Photos and Haiku are my own.

Insight on the haiku

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Ha haa, the purple people eater. Love it. Beautiful image, and the haiku matches it so well. You are truly good at the poetry thing. Unlike some of us ( : But you always match up your images and wording so well. Nice works, and have a nice weekend.


Thank you so much, DD:) Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well:)

Haha "purple people greeters".. that's awesome. Lovely photos too... shared :)


Thank you, Keith:)

Terrific haiku. Love the twist on the song lyric. Your photos are gorgeous.

Beautiful photographs and poem haiku, friend


Thank you, Cordero:)

"Purple People Greeter" omgoodness...too perfect @prydefoltz! Love your photos as well.

Stay Awesome


Yw Pryde :)

Professionally made macro I like best regards
I recommend to everyone


Thank you, Cabon:)

Gorgeous rhododendrons and lovely haiku!


Thank you, Violet:)

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