Toowoomba Drought Ends, Wet Season Begins

in photography •  last year

Although the Toowoomba Gardens look beautiful at this time of the year, we are actually in drought and severe heat conditions for South East Queensland.

Well, that was a couple of days ago, today we are getting some much needed, good, heavy rains and cooler conditions.



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I hope it rains!

Send some this way ;)


A beautiful plethora of colors among the flowers!

Rain is always good ;)

Clouds are moving in at my place too!

I would love to see this!

Great post and I enjoyed these pictures!

We need rain over here too LOL. California has been in a drought since the Lord's return. Last here they got pounded with so much rain that the Largest Earthen Dam in the U.S. oroville was in danger of failing. However, thanks to the prayers from the Lord's saints, disaster was averted

so Beautiful

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He said "That chair". Swallowed and silenced...

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