Shame On The Government!!!! Are You Safe In Your Own Home? Is The Internet & Technology One Big Spy Soaking Up All Of Your Privacy?

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So you mean to tell me that while we're looking at television, the television is looking at us? This is an extremely scary thought when you stop and think of how many ways you could be under the wrong type of surveillance....

Camera hacks, smart TVs & cell phone devices seem to all have a mind of their own. Is technology to advanced for our own good or is it justifiable for our lives to be an open book like this to the government and the powers that be?

Drop A comment & let it be known how you feel about BIG BROTHER spying on you & be sure to upvote & Resteem this great source of alarming information with your people! What ever happened to our FREEDOM? Is your Genesis Mining Hash Power Being Watched as well? Is Your Steemit Wallet being stalked by the IRS & people that want in on everything we earn?

Checkout this cool Lego Secret Spy Animation lol its definitely suitable for the topic & occassion. Video Credit: Jurassic Brick Production Via YouTube


I am a big fan of John Mc Afee as he has the best, most pragmatic insight into tech spying. He basically says that devices are designed to spy on you for the purposes of convenience. They know your location so you can find a restaurant nearby, for example. The whole operating system of smart phones is ego-centric and focuses on meeting your needs. So it has to look at you. He also goes on to say that hackers simply exploit the operating system and what it was designed to do. Phones are designed to serve you and so have to spy on you to better do that. Check out Johns interviews on YT. He has a brilliant take on the whole issue of privacy.

I will definitely take a further look into that. Sounds very informative. Now following & upvoted your comment don't be a stranger :)

John Mc Afee is a tech guru. He invented Mc Afee anti virus. He's a funny guy but sharp.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)