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RE: Portland Plants 27 - Plenty of Portland plants as well as a few Portland pests!

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Hey man! Haven't been around steemit for a while! Great photos, i can see Portland is still blooming! :D

Have i missed elderberry flowers? Are they growing in Portland? I love the drinks made with it, especially home made ones!


I had to look up elderberry flowers to see what they look like (I haven't learned very many plant names while you've been gone :) ). I know I've taken photos of those kinds of flowers, but I don't know if any of the photos made it into a post.

So far I haven't seen any berries, but I'll be keeping an eye out for them.

Hehe! Well actually the best part is before they produce berries. The flowers looks a lot like these insect party flowers, but it's actually a tree. Usually a large tree with amazing smell. Some even eat the flowering part - fried with eggs and sweetened with sugar


Here is a recipe i found:

And the tree should look like this at the moment: