Machine is always complimented by nature, ecological balance you know

Technology with the touch of nature makes it beautiful.

That does blend..
Perfect combination..
Beautiful neighborhood you got there

Truly a perfect blend between Nature and Machines, the view looks quite fascinating, the nature is at its maximum and so are the machines, you always take perfect shots and your perfection reflects in this shot.

Man has made it all there ...first made the road then planted trees ...then someone parked a car... And here pinacle sees it with a completely different perspective...

Beautiful photography

A very beautiful picture
You are a wonderful person and really successful

Wow, the car park is so beautiful, on the other side, the whole green looks very beautiful,DQmNkcZiL7PUZdQaCRAr64Y57jMxKQhFNpPgWuh3y8M8dwh.gif

The car park is so beautiful, and it looks very nice to see the cars are pre-made,DQmWeupK7qpcyZqyrVwdsCDN7LoPHmbwWAoqgKpv7rxc3hF_1680x8400.jpg

nice photography..
pic. captured by an expert hand..
thank for sharing with us..
@upvote & @resteem has done..

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