Wildlife of the Caribbean: my special photo selection - part 2

in photography •  3 months ago

Hi there my Steemit friends and followers!

I was very pleased with all the nice comments and reactions I received in the first part of my Wildlife of the Caribbean Series and today, I am happy to share the second part with you.

All of the animals featured in this series were photographed in their natural environment (no zoos or anything like this). Some of them were just too fast (or dangerous) for me to be able to focus my camera properly on them, which is why some of the photos are of poor quality. Sorry about that. I am not a professional wildlife photographer and I use just my cell phone camera.

Hopefully, you will still like and enjoy this little wildlife photoseries :)

Brown Anole

Saturnid Moth Caterpillar

Brown Pelican

Atlantic Ghost Crab

Coral Snake

Mexican Agouti

Banana Spider

Red Crowned Amazon

Cuban Bull

Tropical Butterfly

Brown Throated Sloth

Black Spiny Tailed Iguana

Laughing Gull

Tropical Ant

Red Winged Grasshopper

Tropical Bug

Hermit Crab

Capuchin Monkey

Double Crested Cormorant

Cuban Cow

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You were quite serious! Saturnid Moth Caterpillar... wow!


Thanks @armentor :) The caterpillar shot is one of my best close-ups I think. My phone camera surprised me really nice that day :)


That is remarkable you captured that... my own eyes cant focus long enough when holding the phone!

wow that´s a cool collection of animal photos.


Thank you :)

Jako vždy. Krása. Příroda ti prostě sedí ;-)


Díky, jsem rád, že se ti má karibská minisérie líbila :)


Znáš mne. Přírodě neodolám ;-).

Pěkná zvířena. Ta housenka je prostě dokonalá :)


Díky moc, od takového experta na skutečné macro to potěší ;)


Díky za kompliment, potěší ;-)

Thanks for this wonderful wildlife presentation, your camera is really superb! It looks professional.


Thank you! :)

Nice post i like it and i my village language is called shamkili

aw man your shots are amazing! I totally forgot I had to make a post like this, thanks for the reminder! And we helped a cute little 3-toes sloth cross the street on Sunday and my battery was dead so couldn't snap a pic =( My favorite here is the flying birds and the caterpillar Never seen anyone like that!


Thanks Eve! And thanks for the little sloth buddy, these guys are just so helpless when crossing roads... I am looking forward to your wildlife photo series but take your time, no need to hurry ;)