Night Out With Tony Peachka

in photography •  2 years ago

These women are a 4-piece band from Minneapolis. The first three genre tags they use on their Bandcamp page are alternative, angry pop, and clog wave. Sound interesting? Check out their page and give at least the track knees a listen. Thanks goes out to this band for putting on a good show!

Bandcamp - Facebook

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It's awesome that you are giving some pub to a cool local band. Man I hope to see more musicians and their fans using steemit! Awesome photos as always man.


Me too. Thank you very much :)

For the photographs you were a privileged spectator, beautiful images dear friend @pfunk congratulations on the excellent captures


Thanks @jlufer :)

I love live music and can never get enough of it! Thanks!


You're welcome @kus-knee. I like visually documenting these bands, and hopefully their music will survive through time as well.

looks like you had a good seat to the show!


The crowd was pretty good but not so tight I couldn't move around and get some shots :) All were taken on a 50mm f/1.4 lens at f/2.

Great pics and band my friend! (;


Thank you @lordemau!

Love it ! thank you friend !!


Welcome ! Lets follow and be in touch.

/shrug Rebel Wilson plays rhythm guitar ... who knew.