Good Doom brings New Shapes For You

in photography •  2 years ago

A band from around here named Good Doom released a new album called New Shapes For You. I was there for the release show and brought my camera.

I first saw the lead singer Tony perform a lo-fi psychedelic set after his band save the drummer quit right before a gig one night. Some of what he performed then ended up on Good Doom's first release, Naps. I really dug the sound and wanted to see how they've evolved playing live since then.

My thanks go out to this band for playing live.

Good Doom

Bandcamp - Spotify - Facebook

#pfunkmusicphotos #pfunkphotos

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Awesome live musicians always will have a place in my heart. Powerful.


For me it's a good time to see talented people create music in front of you

great shots as usual!


Thank you very much @doitvoluntarily!

A really beautiful work dear friend @pfunk the pictures are of very good quality and resolution, congratulations on the excellent captures.


Thanks @jlufer :)

The Bandcamp! has some sick beats. What specific genre would this be? Need to add it to my youtube Channel


They list some genres at the bottom, I think low-fi psychedelic would be a specific one to use :)

Soulful and lively photos. Thank you for sharing with us)))

so exciting photos!


Thank you Olga :)

track put your sweater on is super awesome!! follow u and upvote


Thanks @yusaymon :)

Thanks also for checking out the music! Be sure to check out the Naps release too, if you haven't yet. It's still my favorite.


Ohhh thanxs ;)