Early Poppies

in photography •  2 years ago 

This year summer came earlier than usual, we are breaking temperature record highs for April, and vegetation is a few weeks ahead.
Poppies are in full bloom, bright red and proudly shining in the midday sunshine.
Have a wonderful day, my friends!







Nikon D3400


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you lucky girl..its cold as here..wet windy...enjoy summer girl!

It will get warm over there soon, thank you!

oh yea sunny here in Latvia too

I'm glad! Thank you :)

Beautiful series of photos was it the same flower you followed few day? It is a pity to see how the leaves are dried up and the beauty is gone.

It was in one day. Thank you for a lovely comment!

I like it :) And Good morning :) I hope your day start good :)

Thank you! It's already fabulous day :)
Wish you a beautiful day, my dear friend! :)

Thank you!! :)

Spring lasted for three days straight

I so happy because of it! :)))

Nice flowers, i like flowers @pepe.maya

Thank you, me too!

same theme today :)

he he, poppies everywhere!

beautiful photo

thank you for your comment!

WOW !!! pretty fast. Enjoy the beauty my dear friend :)

Thanks for your kind words my dear!

Fantastic shots!!

Thank you for your comment!