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in photography •  4 months ago

Hello Steem! I took a few new shots driving around downtown Dubai and I'm sharing them here.


Towers are still growing like mushrooms after the rain.


Modern or boring?


The real perspective of the world's tallest building.


Roxy cinema here is part of The Box Park, an urban district built out of shipping containers.

I hope you like my collection. Stay well!

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My friend how are you? what beautiful photos, I'm in love with Dubai modern architecture is super beautiful, the urban part full of colorful and just as beautiful

Well that is the beauty of Dubai though ;)

The architecture ;)

While liked the Roxy cinema it does really looks pretty cool ;)

I like that cinema also very original as it is built

I hope to visit Dubai someday it seems an interesting place I like a lot the modern

The truth is that I like the modern like the old a bit of both and Dubai I like a lot

It gives me a bit of laughter as the edificion grows are like flowers haha but that's the way we are today

Hello friend, if I were to choose which Dubai I would like more, I would say that the old Dubai would admire its stories and how it became modern, becoming one of the cities with a high index of tourism and no wonder because anyone dreams with being there, my biggest curiosity the cinema made with shipping containers, they leave me speechless, to see that when you have a mentality of progress the most unlikely dreams are achieved in favor of its inhabitants. I really congratulate you for living in the city of Fantasy, it is my golden dream to visit Dubai one day. greetings @penticton