[DIECAST#120] Jaguar XJ12-C Broadspeed

Hey all Steemers!
Today I am sharing with you picture of one of my amazing car model Jaguar XJ12-C Broadspeed.
What I like about these old cars is that if you look closer to them you will see that these cars were always custom made with beautifull trimming and craftsmenship , not made like today car which are made like....... Take this part from this car........ take that part from that car........ mix them all up... walaaaaa we designed a new car!!!

For all the people like me I have its 1:18 with excellent details and stunning view and hope for owning one in the future.

I love taking pictures of cars and I hope you all like it as well
Till my next picture upload, do not forget to have alot of fun, enjoy alot and have lots of success

Happy Steeming!!!

Jaguar XJ12-C Broadspeed.jpg


not when such car in living, very beautiful and original thank you to you for that you show such beauty to us

you are awesum :)

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