Autumn photography frenzy

in photography •  20 days ago 

My IPhone 11 his 3 camera’s have been in overdrive the last few days. Fall is in full bloom here in Germany and Luxemburg. I know “bloom” is not the correct term, but it looks like that. What a colourful season autumn can be!

These waterfalls in Irrel near the Devil’s Canyon were the perfect decor for an intensive hike, once again! We’re now at over 30 kilometers in 3 days, with more than a kilometer of height difference.

Quite physical but necessary with all the good food and drinks here! 😏



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Very nice picture. I didn't even know there was an iPhone 11! Wow

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Yep, incredible phone, I have bought it very cheaply, because of a discount, but what machine it is. Even the battery last more than two days. I think Apple made this one too good, if it stays this way, I will never want another one 😅

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Nice to hear! I have the xr and don't really like it. It seems laggy to me. And it's my first one without home button and it's anoying

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