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I start off with this beautiful red butterfly (Papillon)!

Many say there's nothing to take pictures of, but here I will show the beauty that surrounds us on a short walk up the road. Photo opportunities aplenty and one just has to LOOK.
Here's a variety that I hope you will enjoy!


Here we have a squirrel hugging a nut!


This little guy is sitting on an electrical cable drum!


A juvenile practicing flying with his mom watching on!


While a Heron flies overhead!

The next 3 photos are of bushes that grow in gardens next to the road!


A light pink flower on the first bush!


A darker pink flower on the second bush.


And a lovely yellow flower here!


Finally, I saw some movement at a little stream.
So I climbed down the embankment and here's the result.

Is it just me, or is there plenty to take photos of around all of us?
Of course I took a few more photos, some of termites, others of birds and planes in flight, some of dogs and people on the road, some of trees and so on. What I am trying to say here is that there is a whole variety that's just waiting for us to take a photo. So the next time that anyone says there is nothing to take photos of, please take a closer look at life around you!

We hope you have enjoyed the pictures and thank you for the visit to a post by @papilloncharity


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I always love your squirrel photos. Feels like they are always up to something. It's not just you I also feel the same, so many photos to take around us. Little things around us sometimes makes the best subjects we just need to take a closer look a little bit differently. Cheers!


Thank you my friend and like I said in a comment somewhere else, we try to open the eyes of others.
You are so right that the squirrels are always up to something and fortunately they run around all over the area where we stay here. No need to go out there and search for the big things, as the small things are just as beautiful.

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@ocd What a surprise!
And a great thank you!
I have "Followed" and voted you as a "Witness"
Thank you kindly once again!
Btw. Do I now insert the @ocd tag on my posts?

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Once again, a great thank you for the help.
This time I got the upvote correct at 100% even though it is still a small amount.
My apologies for the amount and let's hope that steem grows soon!

Such beautiful shots and your totally right beauty is everywhere if one just opens there eyes and look, you are constantly showing us this


We try to open other eyes JJ.
Hope you have had some sleep.


thats all we can do, and yes thankfully I think I have worked out what was causing it and have slept well for the last couple of nights

There is plenty to take photos of. Mother Nature is amazing, I can’t say that enough. Thank you for sharing the beauty that surrounds you Mr. Butterfly 🦋


Ah! Mrs. Owl, thank you for the kind words my friend!

Oh what a beautiful selection of photos:) Nature at it's finest, the squirel looks very cute:)


Thank you my friend and glad that you liked the post!

It is unbelievable what you can find in the surrounding area in terms of flora and fauna. Where we live is the environment rather boring for that matter. Have a great day my friend.


Thank you Sir Norbert and it seems that your environment is not very conducive to nature?
Blessings to your week!

You have a talent to see beautiful and interesting. And the talent of the photographer to show it. Sumptuously! Thank you!


You are a blessing with your kind comments and I am glad to call you a friend!
Thank you and all blessings to you!

Just wonderful!

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Thank you so much my friend!

That's a bunch of Good photography!
Just loved the squirrel. :)


@rem-steem thank you and glad that you liked the post.
Are you a member of #powerhousecreatives, as I don't see the tag in your posts?


I just became a member a day ago... :)
Will be in touch to see your work! :)


Welcome and I know you are going to enjoy it @powerhousecreatives
Glad to see you here.

Stand still for a minute outside and something is sure to appear, nature is always busy.

Beautiful photography again thanks Stephen. Have a wonderful new week.


Thank you Lady Joan and so right that nature never has a dull moment.
May you also have a blessed week.

Wow, really beautiful


Thank you for the kind visit my friend!

the pictures look so amazing!


Thank you and glad that you liked them my friend!

frumoase poze


Thank you my friend!

Indeed, there are many beautiful things all around the world. You just need to find that perfect shot with your fashion. I love your photos, it seems that I'm watching it in person.

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Thank you my friend and glad that you liked the photos.
It is always a case of looking a bit deeper at things!

Hello @papilloncharity
Beautiful photograph of butterfly.. in second photograph squirrel looks is awesome. beautiful flowers. Nice post sir. thanks for share with us..


Thank you and glad that you like the post my friend.