A little change now.

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Those warm summer days...

Got tired of snow, ice, cold and freezing? (I mean - from my cold picture series). So what about some change?
Thinking of warm days of summer, sun and flowers, somehow it came to my mind the day when a steemit logo was found on my table. I was taking some macro shots of wild flowers on my table, collected a day before in fields by my wife. At one moment I realized, that a STEEM logo is in front of me.
Those who are long enough here to remember, what you would think if seen this?


Yes, this is an old STEEMIT logo, but in an unusual shape, right? Same colors, same shape. Only a natural piece of nature, not a graphics by photoshop.

And all this on my terrace table








And all three bouquets of wild flowers from a longer perspective, from my dinning room.



Has your feet got any warmer now?

The gear I have used:
Camera: E-M1 MarkII
Lens: 12-40mm F2.8, M.Zuiko Digital PRO

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wow What a special and super photography. I am really glad to see such fantastic work. Its really amazing, excellent, superb, fantastic and classy photo shoots. Please accept my heartiest respect and regards for you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for warm words, @engramanullah. I thought some flowers after lot's and lots of ice could be suitable '

very similar to the old steemit logo.
very beautiful .. coolllllllll.
very good picture taking @onealfa

:) Aš vakar kaip tik irgi senas nuotraukas ir video peržiūrinėjau (ieškau gi dabar kokiom čia įdomybėm pasidalinti su steemit :)) tai kai peržiūrinėjau pavasario/vasaros nuotraukas ir video kažkaip net gaivu pasidarė :D nes visą dieną grūzas ėmė, nes lauke reikėjo dirbt per šlapdribą, bet prisiminęs, kaip pavasarį viskas atsibunda ir suvešėja iš karto šypsotis pradėjau :) ir kas svarbiausia, kad tiek ir beliko iki pavasario :) tik 30 dienų!!!

Dalinkis į sveikatą su visais :) Pavasaris jau čia pat!

@onealfa, Wow..Pretty creatively designed those flowers with contribute steem logo. Fantastic stuff. Also Your wife's macro shots really beautiful.

Resteemed your post.

My wife has collected those wild flowers. She is not making photos. Especially macro.

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Yes, sure. I'm not a PRO, just plain amateur. :)

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  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

relay your capture photo position is better then other photographer,
personaly i am photographer, & your shot is upper level category

Appreciate this.

nature is the best artist :)

hey, you need some ice over there in Sri Lanka, @steemclaira , right?
Been in your lovely country a few years ago. So GREEEEENNNNNN !

yes sir..so happy to know that you have been here :) thanks alot sir

Yes, that is one of those places I would like one day to return.

soo beautiful n colourful flower 😊

Glad to hear this things being shared on steemit .
You have a very interesting way of presenting things , it makes me understand the entire story . Your taughts that are presented are so connected one to each other , it makes me understand the context and points . I appreciate for how fluent you are and the passion to share with the community .

I see you are copy-pasting this same text ( identical, letter by letter) several dozen times a day, to very different type of content posts. Which is nothing but SPAM. And this should be not tolerated on steemit.
I am confident that you have not even read my entire post

Um... I knew that was going to happen and i tried to explain to few other who werre bothered by it, trough my comment i tried to bring encouragement to the others. But in any case i saw things are not working and i stopped doing it right away.

Copy paste is not the way to go. Just write a few words which comes from you mind - it always works better

Thanks for advice. I begin realize it was not the brightest idea to encourage others. My mistake.

OK, good. I have removed my flag now

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They are amazing and it sure seems similar to our logo ;)
You do take great shots!

flawless pictures of beautiful flowers!!!! These just made my day more sweeter!!! love them !!!

Very nice photoes @onealfa.

Steemit+your photography is equal by logically

It certainly has got warmer, thank you, really, thank you very much for all these pictures, really beautiful. Thank you as well, for specifying they types of lens and camera that you use. Good day to you .

That's why change is always beautiful looks superb and elegant :)

very good shooting @onealfa, and very focused. thus making the photo more lively.