Can't get enough!

in photography •  6 months ago

There's something about Ancient Corinth

that keeps calling me back.

from a recent visit

The incredible history?

Maybe, there certainly is a lot of that!


And trying to capture it just a little


makes it a wannabe photographer's dream LoL


Wouldn't you agree?



My first visit to Old Corinth:

Old Corinth1IMG_20170427_1422264.jpg


ouzo and out,

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Something calls you back to Ancient Corinth ... Yes, for sure ... Maybe because Saint Paul walked on these stones!

Amazing view i must admit. I love it sir. I hope to visit there in not too distant future and if you haven't found @twiceuponatime by then, i will make it a personal search for you. Haha.

This place is indeed ancient and lovely to behold.

I could remember your first visit of "Corinth"! I have never visited this place, but it seems like one of the greatest historical site to visit! Probably one day, when STEEM went to moon, I will be there!


Nice photography sir.Corinth is looking such an old place.


Since it is so old, perhaps it will make me feel young :-)


I think it would have been a fresh experience for you.

Now I think, you took more beautiful photo than @twiceuponatime…. :P


Be careful what you say. You never know if he is listening!


xxxxaxaaaaa... i just tease him!!! :)

Exceptional photographs conveying strange old messages from the past!
Thousands years of history, invisible traces of those precious moments, those seasons and changes all become ephemeral like the winds that never return.

Lucky you! Hope you are having a whale of a time!
You are looking so happy! Spread the happiness around!
All the best.


Happy is as happy does :-)


Thank you for such nice reply! I have to look and absorb all the good vibes from you photos again!
My breathing is so much more relaxing after gazing slowly at your photos!
Please let us see and feel more amazing places in Greece!
Much appreciated!


@onceuponatime, I can't get enough like you. Where's your another shots? Where was went @twiceuponatime? If he stay there definitely caught amazing clicks. But I give you 100 marks to your clicks. I love to travel like you. But you older than me lol :D
You've big travel experience than me :(


@twiceuponatime is off on his own somewhere. I'm not worried. He will be back when his little show of independence grows old :-)

Looking so adorable and historical location.
If I stayed those day I exactly help them for built amazing creativity :D


Corinth has a history so rich that it literally breathes. These are great pictures man...................when were they taken?


The pictures were taken over several visits last year and this year.

Wonderful photography,
was there is a witch who was calling you? :o


I'm not sure. What does that sound like?

I think you should buy a nice house there...Well, if you can afford it that is, because with the current prices you never know ;)


The prices of houses in Old Corinth has gone up? LoL


Dramatically :P


Oh well. The Italians seem to be saying to get rid of your euros while they are still worth something :-)

I know there was had massive history. You traveled and experienced more places around the world. Seems rock fort but never looking my dragon mark. Have you found it?


I wasn't looking for it, but perhaps it's there.

I think you should start tour excursions around Greece! You will find incredible places!


My computers won't let me go :-)


Just take summer months off... It is perfect that you can arrange your time as you want...

Enough to give us smile by watching these wonderful photography sir.


Let a smile be your umbrella then (actually, it has finally stopped raining here in Loutraki).

makes it a wannabe photographer's dream LoL

Agree! I noticed you travel places like this a lot. I love nature and historic places as well. I think places like New York City suck. Even though I live in New York. When I retire, my bucket list already includes to move out of this artificial place. Maybe sooner!


I usually try to avoid big cities.

Oh wow....incredible photography. I'm wondering to see your captured. Where's this location @onceuponatime?


Unh, Old Corinth?

Who ever capture these photographs, is a wonderful photographer ;)


You are making me blush :-)

Korinthos and all the surrounding places are so beautiful and full of energy and rich in history, and it is no coincidence that the Ancient Greeks chose them to build historical monuments !!!! Νice photos by the way!!!!!


Well I agree, but the ancient Greeks were just building monuments (from their point of view), not "historical" monuments :-)

When I traveled around Greece, we did not have enough time to visit Corinth. I think there is something to see. From the photos one can feel the spirit of history and the smell of herbs ...


Ah, the smell of herbs..............


I remember him, in the heat he becomes very active. And when the aroma of the sea is added, it is a fairy tale.
In general, when we fly by plane to a country by the sea, the first thing we feel is air, it's completely different, we enjoy it every time we travel ...

The place looks majestic, something similar to the sights of the old temples in Greece


Yes, quite similar :-)

I miss Greece. So much history, I loved Meteora and Athens. Next time I have to check out Ancient Corinth.
Thanks for sharing it :D


There are so many sights to see in Greece!

Have you visited pompeii? Apparently the active volcano might go kaboom some time soon and nothing will be left but ash after it.

Wow, seems that it's an awesome place to spend some time.I always love these kind of historical place.Excellent photography sir.Thanks for sharing with us.

Nice history , amazing historical place .
Beautiful photography , i really like it .

Thanks for sharing @onceuponatime
Upvote you .

Beautiful place, beautiful pictures - I must have missed an episode, you are based on the Pacific Coast of Canada, right ? That must have been a looong trip, flying back to Greece ...

A very beautiful place. This is a real paradise for photographers. There are a lot of great objects for photos here. Good luck to you and Love.

Очень красивое место. Это настоящий рай для фотографов. Здесь масса великолепных объектов для фото. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Very historic place i mean i can imagine how was the life in the age where that pleace was full of life, great pics. Regards

Have to admit that I 've never been to Old Korinthos and your post put it in my must visit list .

As for the " Photographer's dream" I would say that "Aura and view " is a great combination so why not !

Amazing photography. Looks modern along with ancient. You have pretty good hands :D All the best.

Im sure many historic places brings out the photographer in many people but i always try to look for an angle different from most people.

You bring an old corinth today

I can see why you keep going back, looks like an amazing place!

Some places are evergreen they just get more better with days to come by beautiful shots :D

Wow looks great! I am a huge history fan either. This place looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing these great pics with us :-)

Wish you all the best,
your @attlantic-matt

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A place that has incredible beauty.wonderful photography
Like @onceuponatime

How many more places on your bucket list?

Beautiful place, beautiful pictures. I hope someday.,I will see that place. stay blessed sir @onceuponatime

Ancient Corinth nice photographs. Is it in Egypt or Greece?

It looks wonderful @onceuponatime. Somewhere else to add to my list. 😁

I would love to visit Corinth. It is a wonderful place.


Amazing photography indeed

nice photography.I think it's historical place.
many many thanks for share.

Wow ! A beckoning place , undoubtedly ! :)
Enticing photo journey, @onceuponatime :)

lovely photography...thanks for sharing

amazing to see this

Beautiful location.. The view must have been amazing from those fort walls.. well captured sir..
And I hope I don't sound fake.. but you are a very good looking man :) Keep smiling :))

You are no more Corinth virgin! :D

Just lovely - place & photos!

I kinda feel like there should be sheep grassing somewhere on some of these pictures.

Would have made the feeling perfectly idyllic.

Looking very beautiful place with Amazing photography. So nice views.

It´s definitely a photographers dream!
You always choose your destinations wisely and the story of Greek is really impressive. I have never to this place in Corinth but it looks magical

Wow really its a wonderful place! I wish i could go now!
I think the people who live this place they are the happy people in the world. Excellent photography.

What a beautiful scenery! This place is so beautiful and attractive. Wish I could visit there. Also the photographs are very nice.