Yellow Semi - Submarine

in photography •  7 months ago

We visited the town of Makarska this morning. I needed some fresh shots for you like I promised.

I saw some interesting things and it looked really promising but after one hour walk, our legs start to become heavy and our heads hot. My Cowboy hat couldn't deal with high temperatures.


We all live on the yellow submarine.

Well, not quite.


An old lighthouse.


Father and son.


Winter conditions must be tough, but tourists are not worried about that. After September they will all be gone.


Fresh fruits delivery.


Safe in the shade.


After we saw the number on this sign we packed our stuff and return to our headquarters in the safe space under the air conditioner.

For an oldtimer like me, these temperatures could be a bit too high.


Just a detail from our terrace and that's it for today.

Stay positive and keep grinding.

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Wow. The above pictures looks like different shades of blue and they are so natural.

That is so cool!!! I can’t believe you saw a Yellow Submarine. The water looks quite clear there. How is the heat? Is it a dry 38’ or is is sticky and humid. I was busy for the last week and just caught up on your blog. Looks like you’re having a great time!! Thanks for sharing so much!

That submarine is awesome! I just have the Beatles playing in my head now... haha

I also love that shot of the shell at the end! Beautiful! :)

Yellow steemmarine :-)

excellent photography!

Que buenas fotografias nos traes hoy @oldtimer. La del mini submarino es increible y mejor debe ser dar un paseo en él

Great shots, @oldtimer
I wish you a pleasant journey through the city of Makarska !
The lighthouse impressed me and the yellow submarine.
I remember the song on the same boat, group of the Beatles
have you heard?

I wish you good health!

Hello friend, hahaha if you had not seen the temperature you would have stayed a little longer, I love the photo of the father and the son in full fishing, they represent the yesterday that hopes to pass to the past and gives to the future all their wisdom and future preparing to take the reins of the new. The house of the lighthouse is very beautiful, the baskets of fresh fruits invite you to taste good. So all the photos are extraordinary. Greetings friend and continue your adventure @oldtimer

While be that it may they sure are some great moments that you captured especially the father son moment, the market looks pretty great and the lighthouse image the sky was looking awesome :)

Its nice that you happen to see a yellow submarine @oldtimer and wow it really is hoot and humid there too. Its a wonderful place nonetheless.

haha! sir oldtimer! I love that place, scarcely anyplace on earth more beautiful. thanks so much for the great photos.

Love it! Real Life Captured Markaska!

That is quite hot we had similar temps a week or two ago, I am glad its cooled down a bit

How cool is that yellow submarine

An incredibly lovable region. you beautifully choose places to your rest, I love. the dish you have got tasted appears heavenly and mouth-watering. I believe that their look is completely encouraged via the taste further as scrumptious as it's miles lovely. Based on your depiction, it's extremely tasty. exceptionally else, I loved crabs and fish within the closing picture.

Uuu we saw the same submarine last year in Makarska ;)