Waiting For The Bull

in photography •  6 months ago

It looks like Steemit platform is working despite all negativity spreading all over the place this past couple of days.

I don't understand how people can feel entitled to rewards. We're all agreed to be guinea pigs.

A week or two is meaningless in the development of the blockchain.


This is the guy we're all waiting for.

You can find him on the street in Ljubljana.


The Main Post Office


and the Railway station in Ljubljana.


Biking around the clock on the Highschool wall.


Many decades ago I used to run by this creek on my gym classes.

There were clean concrete plates at that time but maybe that's the new way of promoting Slovenia as a green country.


No matter how bad the Hard Fork was, we riding forward to a better future.

Sit tight and steem on my friends.

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Complaining is pointless, pointed criticism is priceless. :-)
Steem on my friend. I'm waiting on the bull too!

I do not want to be anywhere near that bull. Looks like it would hurt lol. I prefer to follow the rainbow to the pot of gold. :)


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I am as patient as rock and complaining will not solve problems. There are ups and downs and we just have to ride it until the next bull run @oldtimer which I hope soon.

bull market sooon

that’s fair. Perhaps some people are wondering when guinea pig stage ends, and we can just be pigs :)


What good pictures of Ljubljana, especially the bull. Have a great day.

I completely agree. What is a week of waiting while the platform improves and makes things better for all? It is amazing to see how many people lost their minds over this. Yes, it was a little frustrating but not life-altering.

I am sitting tight...

Your photos are impeccable as always

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We have to be patient... :) And I like Steemit very :)

Esperemos que los cambios introducidos a Steemit mediante el HF 20 nos hagán mejorar dia a dia cada vez más @oldtimer. Las fotografias son maravillosas

Very beautiful photography 😄😄

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Steem on, @oldtimer - good looking photos you have there. Slowly we are adapting on new Steemit, today I even got the courage to start voting and writing posts. Before I was afraid to do that reading all the negative posts.

Great photography. Happy Sunday!

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Yeah. Have been waiting for the bull run since couple of months but don't know when will it start.

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It's simple is because they got used to receiving rewards for every post they did and now with all this chaos of HF feel entitled to criticize everything bad that can happen

siempre he creido que los cambios deben ser para mejorar,eso se espera de steemit para el bien de todos los que formamos esta gran familia , de las fotos demasiado bonitas,saludos

YEs I agree with you 100% sure the hardfork could have bene done better but the goals it was trying to achieve are only for the best of the platform and now we are passed that lets steem on

howdy sir oldtimer! such interesting pictures again, the city looks incredibly well maintained and full of history, love the architecture of the post office. Things seem timeless there, I bet that stream hasn't changed in centuries!

Well said mate!

it is very beautiful! thanks for sharing

I see nothing but bright days ahead! Fantastic photos. You find so much beauty in the world!

I love that spiral clock! Great town!