Rural Alberta

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After we moved to Alberta we lived for five years in the countryside. The land is vast and farming is a big part of provinces economy. It's well developed and advanced.

Dairy farms are mostly family owned and have 200-300 cows on average with 250 hectares of land. Grain farms are usually bigger with 1000 hectares as well as cattle farms. But this is just my shallow knowledge and probably there exist bigger and smaller variations.

The machinery is huge if compared to the part of Europe where I coming from.

The technical quality of photos is poor but they serve just to present you some details from the rural areas and not only the famous natural parks.

DSC02229 (2).JPG

This typical old barn is a perfect object to attract the eye of the photographer. And steemit user too. At least I hope so.

DSC02211 (2).JPG

When you hit the country road.

You can see only a few kilometers ahead but this kind of road runs 200 km East just to reach the next province's border. And then that one is 500km wide. And then the next one.

Did you get the picture?

DSC02110 (2).JPG

Liquid manure spreading it's an important start for the next growing season. Just the tractor and an empty cistern weight 20 tons and then they add 30 tons of manure.

DSC02094 (2).JPG

Can you spot the driver opening the valve in the back of the cistern?

2012-06-27 01.14.42 (2).jpg

Grass cutting. The blade is five meters wide.

Gang of gulls on the mice hunt.

2012-06-28 18.09.53 (2).jpg

The next fase is raking,

2012-06-28 19.38.41 (2).jpg

and after that picking up the haylage from the field.

DSC02222 (2).JPG

Metal storage bins on the grain farm.

DSC02310 (2).JPG

Seeding is a crucial task for every grain farmer.

DSC02303 (2).JPG

Look at the size of the semi truck who bring only the seeds.

Can you imagine how many tons of grain it'll yield in autumn?

2012-06-29 14.45.40.jpg

Coyotes on prairies are treated like pests and farmers are free to shoot them.

They are very shy and careful. Not so in the city, tho.

DSC02113 (2).JPG

Just a beautiful rainbow from the countryside and that's it.

A lot of stuff is going on today in Edmonton. It's Canada day and we're heading out to get some new shots for you and me.

On cold and windy day is not fun but I'm a good steemian and that's my duty.

Have a great one, my friends.

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amazing farmland, you always get great photos!

Wow! Beautiful shots. 🤗💙
Thanks @oldtimer for sharing this post.

I am a country boy at heart i much prefer rural scenery and love that Barn what style it has

I loved your photos. Very beautiful landscapes of the field the incredible rainbow of the last photo. Congratulations and continue your successes. From Caracas, Venezuela.-

The barn looks a lot like in Sweden. Is it common that they are painted in red and white over where you live ?

howdy there @oldtimer! boy those farmboys up in Canada have some Big fields and Big equipment! Makes me envious, it's a wonderful life being a farmer but the work never ends and there is no guarantee of income. loved the photos, great job sir!

That rainbow is just the perfect way to end the day! How incredible! And the tires on that tractor are unreal!!! I guess it has to be pretty heavy duty if it is hauling 30 tons of manure around!

People forget how much goes into farming and prepping the soil for the food that we eat every day, I know I do... It is easy to forget that so much hard work goes into each and every produce that we eat. Thanks for reminding all of us and doing it in a beautiful way with those photos!

Everything is so huge, even manure cisterns :) You've presented some cool stuff for us Europeans.

Quite and amazing production. The tractor and the cistern are awesome and probably don't smell so good! Great ending but I always thought that leprechauns were at the end of the rainbow. I see in Alberta the coyotes guard the pot of gold!

I love a good barn landscape :)

Used to draw em and paint em back in my Bob Ross phase lol.
Nice snap of that coyote BTW! Haven't seen one of those since last year when I was in Killarney!

Por las fotografias que nos muestras de Alberta, tienen un paraiso natural @oldtimer

Wow are amazing photos surprises me is the size of the machines and how big you see the grounds to sow, it shows that the life of the farmer is not easy is a great responsibility to make everything work well! Thanks for the pictures is an excellent job :D

Tole pa izgleda maaaajčkeno večje kot pri nas 😉 Zelo zanimiv post, kljub slabši kvaliteti slik - ploh nebi opazila, če ne bi bila na to opozorjena. Vedno uživam, ko si takole malo širim obzorja, se vživim v dogajanje in opise fotografij ter se tako za kratek čas malo preselim na drug konec sveta v popolnoma drugačen način življenja. Hvala.

Your photography is very stunning and your posts are always informative. Appreciated!

This is what kind of comparative. But really the work is excellent.

Great shots. Reminds me of my trips across the us. That rainbow pic is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.
Very nice post. ;)

wow lovely shots and keep it up.