Blues On Whyte

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Some hot stuff going on lately in Crypto word. I'll post a couple photos on a different topic so we can cool down our heads a bit.

When we came to the Edmonton area six years ago we start discovering new places. Stores, restaurants, and so on. We started from zero. A lot of paperwork too. I even need to obtain a new driving license.

2012-06-23 22.13.16.jpg

I old part of the city we discovered this small hotel with pub and live music. Blues and rock music. Something sweet for my oldtimer's ears.


It's small and friendly pub with the mostly older gray-haired crowd. But musicians are great. They're coming from all over the world. They stay for a week in the hotel and have a live performance every evening.

2012-06-23 22.25.21.jpg


I'm sure my photos can't present this pub in a proper light because I respect privacy. I don't like to show photos of people on them. Usually, we don't like that.


If you visit Edmonton I would highly recommend you to visit Blues on Whyte Hotel.

2012-06-24 00.48.21.jpg

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I like this music nice photo :)

Excellent post, very well articulated. thank you so much.

Hmm the atmosphere there looks like 80s. 😍

Look so comfort place..

It hasn't been remodelled since the 80's because that's the same stage they had for 20 years. When smoking in doors was still okay, that place would be a total cloud. EDIT: Maybe it has been remodelled. on second look, is that fancy panelling under the chair rail?

Thanks for posting. Miss that scene. I'd love it if you'd post some pictures of the farmer's market two blocks north. (Is it still two blocks north?) Thanks in advance from an ex-pat.

Ya maybe it has been remodelled, but the 80s style is still there..

I am sorry but i dont understand ur second paragraf coment, is tht also for me?

oops. I was trying to respond to the author. Unless you're in Edmonton too...

Heheh.. no.. m not in edmonton, i live far away from you i think..

good music is super

a very good stage for a musician. music is also a pleasure for everyone

That’s cool how the hotel and pub are all inclusive there. I imagine Blues on Whyte is able to attract quality musicians because of those benefits.

Some blues and beer does sound like a good way to blow of some Steem . I mean Steam

Kako lepo saznanje, da u bilo kom kutku planete čovek može naći ono što voli! A tek, 1984. godina...
Bluz je prava muzika za dušu. Što bismo rekli, "Bluz NE slušaju loši ljudi". Toliko sam bila radoznala da sam na internetu čak potražila i njihovu stranicu, Blues On Whyte . :)

i liked........thanks for sharing

Very cool club and nice photos! Good day for the Blues... ha ha... most of the blues songs are so sad they make my life look rosy!

This brings back memories of being in school. Going to the UofA we went often :)

We surely need to calm down cause of the roar in the Crypto cycle.
This seems like a cool place to just chill and relax.

It sounds and looks pretty interesting! And yea, good idea to calm down ;)

its looks like open consert .. @oldtimer

Looks interesting music environment there !

good photogrphy

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excellent music

Looks like a really nice place to spend an evening. Wish you had taken a video, so one could hear the music too. I like, that you respect the audience's privacy :-)

sounds like a place I would love, friendly and nice blues music

Even though you did not post a lot of the pictures nor did you say much about them because of your respect for privacy, yet I gleaned enough to understand that it was a memorable place for you. It could be felt in your words and mood.

Thanks for sharing. Upvoted and resteemed.

Sounds like my kind of place! When I was in a band we stayed in places like this that could accommodate us as well as play. Those ones were the best

Cool. Didn't know that you played in a band.

It reminds me of some old bar that is very fond in my memory

Its always so fun to hear good music in such an small and close up venue!

Awesome photos!! I used to go to that bar back in the day!!

Looks like my kind of place...grey hair and all!

hehehe incredible that you do when you feel saturated, mengkin things like this is very helpful to remove that feeling, hopefully your day please friends, success always @oldtimer