Photography: Bees still collecting pollen

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I guess the Bees never rest.... do they fly south for the winter or do they hibernate with the bears?

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Very nice and crispy pictures you have taken mate. The bees are looking so clear and sharp. I read it somewhere, that bees travel the distance that equals to travel the world for 3 times in their life time to collect honey from flowers! They work very hard man! And yes they migrate too! Love your work mate. I also do photography posts. Keep it up! ✌

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Thanks... I took these with my old Blackberry Classic

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I love bees. All pollinating and stuff. We can't live without bees!

Those look like 2 distinct species in your photos. Pretty neat!


Me too... they give us so much. All our food.

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Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is....
Thanks for sharing your pictures 🌹

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How beautiful it is to be able to capture nature in total splendor and full of life. I loved your photo

There's a reason they call them busy bees :) great photos @offgridlife

If you look at beekeeping, they have you leave the bottom 1/3 of the honeycomb intact so that the bees can have food over the winter, so I am guessing they hibernate.

Nice shots!