Tidal Tints – Nature Captured by Japanese Photographer Kazuyuki Okajima

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When I think about some of the most contemplative moments in my life they’ve nearly always occurred when I’ve been surrounded by nature. There’s something about the different connections that fire in the brain, for example looking out to sea from a vantage point and wondering about different elements of life. With a camera it can be even more poignant, the finest of details can be of intrigue.

This is one of the main reasons why I decided to write about this series of photography by Japanese photographer Kazuyuki Okajima. Kazuyuki resides in Chiba, Japan and now works as a freelance photographer, travelling the world and working for various magazines. His series titled Tidal Tints, or Shio-sai in Japanese, showcases his never ending fascination for the undulation of waves. He says as the waves rise and fall the shapes and lines are beautiful and distinct, through the finder he is able to capture the mood and expression behind this uncontrollable force.

In my understanding ‘Shio-sai’ has a slightly different meaning in Japanese to that of ‘Tidal Tints’, closer to the meaning of ‘sea roar’ which I think is very fitting for this collection. Kuroshio or Black Current is referencing the strong current that transports warm water northward in the northern Pacific Ocean. Both series are really mesmerising, almost as if they are paintings. I hope you like these and will view more on his website linked below.


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