Natural Tones & Textures – Wheel Thrown Pottery by San Francisco Artist Bob Dinetz

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Bob Dinetz is not only an accomplished graphic designer he is also a talented potter that makes from both porcelain and stoneware clay. Although wheel-thrown at his studio in California, he is able to make thin pieces of art that are nearly always functional, only veering towards more sculptural shapes in the form of vases. What drew me in is his talent for producing glazes that are subtle, textured whites and browns, as well as the odd hue of green or black. Each of them are linked to colours found in nature so there is a feeling of simplicity that runs through the whole collection.

Interestingly his beginnings in pottery came from his experience collecting Japanese and American ceramics, which is definitely something I can feel an affinity for. As the owner of OEN Shop I’m often handling beautiful ceramics from Japan and all over the world, and in turn this inspired me to begin making my own ceramics and to build a studio for myself to work in daily. I think there’s an appreciation for the little details when you hold these functional works of art. You use them on a daily basis and they become very personal objects, using your hands often to feel the surfaces, or as you drink viewing the glazes and intricacies up-close with your eyes. It’s very rare to find this in any other field of design, most details are overlooked.

At the moment Bob is still working on producing a range of considered tableware and useful objects that people can use on a daily basis. His work is currently stocked in a handful of shops in California, but you’re also able to purchase his pieces through his website on the link below. As a trained graphic designer you can see his keen eye through the design of his website and the photography that he has taken. Here’s a small selection of my favourite pieces and some shots of his making, enjoy.

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