📷 More Duck Portraits

in photography •  5 months ago

This young Muscovy duck was posing for me again, so I took photos. I am like that.





So much better than taking selfies and buying votes for them, wouldn't you agree?

Thanks for wathing!

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Looks organic, yum!

And selfies/voting for them? An I missing since hi-def steemit shenanigans?


Not really, but this may serve as a parody of some of Milaoz postings.


Haha, of that's right. I remember milaoz!

Pretty cool! You know, ducks are the clam birds & beautiful also...☺

So cute :) I like the colours of the duck.❤ you took shots of it really quite beautiful👌


Thank you!

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you've been chasing geese around the garden before, or are they always feathering like this?


The ducks here have a favourite gathering and resting place, and they spread a lot of feathers around when grooming. I didn't chase them. Honestly. They know me so well, I get to sit with them.


don't worry :) I believe you

This duck looks smart and beautiful! Very nice nature around! Great shot! ;)